Whose done music at Salford


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Hi Rob

Your right it was Mark Vause, I can remember he played cornet, was there another cornet player called Philip. When I stated I hated Salford I meant the city itself and not the college which was top notch in terms of the course although I remember at that time we where basically shunted away in the basement. Good to hear that everyone is doing well.




impycornet said:
Do you Mean Mark ? In which case he is in the midlands somewhere conducting (he was a finalist in this years young conductor competition)

He's also playing cornet with us (Staffordshire) on Sunday. :)


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Borfeo said:
Would you like to start with his "Concerto for Electric Violin and Brass Band" ??

An Electric violin is truly a bizarre instrument, but coupled with a Brass Band you're onto a real head trip

Cooooooool! I always wanted a bright pink electric violin! Can we get this for tHB....please???

Rach x


I was in Salford from 97 to 2000. Can sympathize with anyone who can't stand the place as I hated it in my first term then didn't want to leave really - still usually go back during school holidays and see people.

MAde some really good friends on the course and everyone seems to get on. Plus flatmates like Craig Roberts and Leah Williams and everyone else who lived in Ben Wilson Court with the post concert pissups was fantastic!

Probably had the best 3 years I'll never remember so thanks to Borfeo about publicising my Lederhosen act with Simon ROuter and to the various others about my Yard of Guinness party trick. Agree with Borfeo, Scubar is nowhere near as classy as McNallys and the Black Horse isn't the same since it has been redecorated!!!! Beer still crap there though!

ANyway, returned to North Wales and am now a music teacher in Abergele which is about 5 miles away from Pontins!


Really?! Are you sure it just doesn't look shut from the outside to keep the students out and the scallys in? :)


I don't think the Black horse ever had windows you could see out of, that's how we managed to get so many lock ins :p


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I went to Salford, it was wicked. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I stilll live there with a load of current students. I only finished last year though to be fair. And as for working in a music related job, i can't get a job doing anything, music related or otherwise!

Also, Mick Wilson is truly brave for all of his sandal-wearing and electric-violin-concerto-writing activities (and much much more). In centuries to come his true genius will be recognised. He's way ahead of his time.

Plus the place now boasts one of the finest football leagues anywhere in the world, I can see the music taking a back seat in the near future.


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ello joe
BoogieJoe said:
Plus the place now boasts one of the finest football leagues anywhere in the world, I can see the music taking a back seat in the near future.
total agreement :)
long live the SFL


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Lauradoll said:
I left bonnie Scotland to go to Salford at the tender age of 17 and graduated in the year 2000. 1st 2 years were class but I couldn't wait for the last 2 to finish!! Now head of music in a secondary school near Liverpool, still play in brass bands but have no aspirations to return to Scotland to live!!!
was ur first school that u taught at cross hall which then went on to be my school??


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There is a Dr Keith Wilkinson working for the Salvation Army in Columbus, Ohio, USA who is not the Dr Keith Wilkinson who worked at Salford. I attended Salford between 1988 - 1992 and have just returned from the States where I was on tour with the ISB. Part of the tour included Columbus which was organised by Keith Wilkinson.

Nicola Redhead

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