Whos going to bugle?

Naomi McFadyen

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Jezzabell said:
There at St Austell Band room! i think im goin! jus gota get there n bac :roll:

Well, if you ask nicely I may take you there and get you home if you like... St Dennis isn't tooooo far away for me getting home... :)
hmmm well... me and miss forest may be taking a trip to bugle cos we're camping in cornwall that weekend. Have never been before, have no idea what it's all about... being northern lasses... and are hoping to have a great day out :D Don't let me down you farmer peeps :lol:
little_miss_marcroft said:
Don't let me down you farmer peeps :lol:

:twisted: :lol:

You're guaranteed a good day (weather permitting) - Bugle is the 'pits' literally, but the beers good (they get better the more you drink!).

If you have your instrument with you you're more than welcome to join us for the march (crawl!) afterwards?

And, if you up for seeing the Bavarian Stompers later (and drinking copious amounts of beer) at the St Austell Band club let us know and we can sort out tickets. Depending on where you're staying you may be able to catch a lift in our minibus.


no not all farmers. lol. well not me anyway. Yea bugle is a great contest. Maybe in future contests there may be more entries??

Naomi McFadyen

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Yea Bugle is a great contest indeed and I'm sure that in years to come (!) they'll be more bands a bit further up the country taking part in this enjoyable contest.