Whos all going to Easter NYBBS then?

Euph Kidd

Arite Mate
The Aberdeen Gang will be down as per usual. I think theres 12 of us in total, which lets face it, aint bad! Any news on the Alba piece yet? Or what Katrina's playing? Hope your fingers are well greased for the Cornet Feature!!
Cya down there,
Tricky Dicky


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arite our kidd? Someone correct me if im wrong but i think Something is getting written for Katrina when she comes back from Oz. Whats Horra Staccato like? hard?

Anyone else goin? :?


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Im goin but I think you know that brynes!

Katrina is playing Sun (I think) and maybe one other - I suppose you would need to ask her!

It will be cool 2 see the aberdeen crowd again - richard you owe me at least 12 pints!

see you all on Friday


no easter nybbs for me :cry: but no gala concert neither mwahaha 8)

whats the hotel called again? are the tutors the same?

btw Richard methinks there's only two/three baris oops

luce x


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I'll be there with the Innerleithen crowd as usual! :D Me bruno (still not on the same planet as the rest of us) maxy boy and a newbie Ross Brotherston!!

Lookin forward to playing the Gael & the Cornet feature...will be interesting to see what Alba (new alan fernie piece) is like...

See you's all on friday!!!


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Lauradoll how long is it since you played in NYBBS? who was in it back then?

God is Bruno goin? Scotty you'll need to give him a muzzle and keep him on a leash(that how you spell it?) if he's goin to be anywhere near as bad as last year. God help us!

Luce, the tutors are Archie Hutchison, Craig Anderson and awww sumbody else cannae mind anybody remember.

By the way we just drinkin in the hostel or goin out in Glasgow?

Answers on a postcard to Havent a scoobie competition, Glasgow University, London

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