Who'll buy me a pint at Stevenage


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Paul McLaughlin said:
PeterBale said:
Retrospective now on 4barsrest :wink:
(retires into shellhole to await the incoming flak :oops: )

Peter, do you know if there was anyone writing about Sunday from 4BR?

There was a representative there - he arrived Saturday night just as things were finishing. I presume he'll put in a retrospective in due course. I'm hoping to get something off about the 1st section this afternoon.



what happened on saturday then?

I had you down as definitely top six, having heard the band the last 2/3 years at the area your consistency had me beleive you would be right up there challenging

Ian Young
MD - Marlow Band


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Bit difficult to say anything without it sounding like sour grapes!

I knew we hadn't played brilliantly; I was fairly certain we wouldn't be in the top six. I would have probably guessed around 8th/9th or thereabouts. Clearly, either the performance was much worse in reality than I realised at the time (I haven't heard a recording yet), or we did something interpretatively that the adjudicator really didn't like! If so, there is no clue in the generally vague/bland written remarks. We were criticised for playing the slow movement in a "meandering" fashion, however, as I understand it from the adjudicator's spoken remarks, several other bands were 'guilty' of the same thing!

Since I quite deliberately never listen to other bands on the day, I am unable to comment on our performance in comparison with others; it's perfectly possible, of course, that we really weren't that bad, but others were simply better. Playing immediately after Clacton had set such a high marker from the No. 1 slot probably wouldn't have helped either. Who knows? At the end of the day, it's just one man's opinion. We certainly didn't believe we deserved to come last, but then I imagine virtually every band who's ever come last thinks the same thing!

As someone once said, "don't go contesting if you haven't got a sense of humour!"



[PS: We never wanted to end up in the championship section anyway!]


PeterBale said:
WhatSharp? said:
Well on Saturday there was Myself and HommicidalBennyBoy who came 3rd, Chunky was there with Cawston, MRSH with Clacton, PeterBale was there as the 4BarsRest correspondant (is that correct Peter?), DavePayn was there on Sunday with Fulham, WONKYSTICKMAN was there conducting Watford, Dan was there with Staines, Accidental with Friary....

So I guess there where a few of us. It was great to meet some faces.
You forgot Maestro (also with Staines) and Shommusic, solo horn with Beacontree, both on the Saturday.

Also, if you look through the thread on the Championship section you'll see a couple of tMPers with Redbridge and Aveley.

Blimey, didn't know all you lot were there. I only saw Peter Bale after the results. MRSH I didn't know you were with Clacton, I saw you play, are you are perc??? Will see you in Harrogate! Missed HBB and WhatSharp as well, didn't see Accidental as she was there Sunday. Well there is next year I spose!!


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Dan said:
MRSH I didn't know you were with Clacton, I saw you play, are you are perc??? Will see you in Harrogate!

Hi Dan

Yes I am percussion and sorry to say the one responsible for the organisers dismantling the stage before the section started :oops: :oops: .

Looking forward to Harrogate - should be a great gig :lol: :lol:

Can't wait to find out what the pieces are gonna be. :roll:


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NeilW said:
I was there too on Sunday pm...

(So was DaveTheTuba come to that...)

Didn't recognise any tMpers, but did spend some time outside the bar area in the latter stages...


Did u hear bradwell play, 3rd section, drawn 15th. how did we sound? jus out of interest :)


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