Who works on Bank Holidays?

At work on Easter Monday?

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and as Einstein said..

"Of course I don't know what I'm doing... that's why it's called research"
Sorry Kirsty, couldn't reply to your post yesterday. Was sitting in the beer garden in the sun next to river severn........ :wink:


Worked good friday, easter sunday, easter monday, last year did christmas eve, christmas day, boxing day, years night and new years day. Am I a mug? :? Who knows, but someones gotta do it!

Mike S

Hope I don't make you all sick but I am on "garden leave" until February 2005 on full pay. Believe me, my golf handicap will improve over this next year!

ian perks

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By the way got 4 days off for Xmas this year.

That is good for us BUTCHERS!!
and 3 days for NEW YEAR:-D


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Don't have to work on bank holidays, the office wouldn't open. But because i work 4 days a week (yea, making me a part timer) my bank holidays are pro rata'd meaning I have to take part of my annual leave to have 2 of the bank holidays that everyone else gets for free. :-(

And I work for BANK! :shock:
i know my golf club was open on August Bank holiday. but i was not old enough to work on the bar but upstairs restaurant was shut.

We were also open Easter Sunday....but i was in America so i couldn't work....shame!:rolleyes:

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