Who should Represent england at the world championships???

Which contest should decide englands representative at the world championships?

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How should the band be selected?

The natural choice would be the national champion however they wuold also get an invite to the europeans... I don't think that so much should ride on just one contest.

Perhaps the Masters?? or the open?? where the top placed english band qualified??

What are other peoples thoughts?


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i think it should be decided by a panel, on a bands general successes, because if you win a contest it could just be a one off thing, whereas the panel can look and see who is consistent. i think that way there is a better chance of a win.


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I'm going for british open, or the panel.. defiantely not the nationals. as the consistantly best bands don't always qualify.


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Thank you for clarifying that, Aidan. :roll:

Still confused as to how those contests could be used... is it the top band in the contest from each Country? :?


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Would be interesting to see what would happen if they did some kind of English "all star" band. Can't see it actually happening though, so I'll plum for the Open winners (or highest placed English band in the event of a Scottish/Welsh winner).

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Why don't the MD's from all the top section bands nominate a band a piece and the players with most votes play in the "All Star" band.
No MD may vote for players in his own band. SIMPLE?


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I think a panel is the best bet. No disrespect intended to bands such as Leyland but despite fantastic results at the masters and the areas I would still say YBS are a better band. Also Faireys are National Champs but would you send them instead of YBS who beat them only a week ago!! I think a panel is the only way to get a fair choice as contests results are a mere snapshot in time and a World Championship invite should go to the band who are always there or there abouts.



I think the Nationals should decide the band that goes to the world championships since it decides which English band goes to the European. That's the way the cookie crumbles really, if you don't make it to London, whether it was a dodgy decision or not then you haven't got a chance of getting in there. It goes along the lines of what was said in BBW really, I don't necessarily see the Nationals as representing all the best bands playing against each other, so what right has anybody in calling them National Champions (perhaps, dare I say, would the Europeans be more competitive if all top 9 or 10 bands from UK would be involved, is it the same situation? it's not a dig at YBS because clearly they are playing very well and deserve their glory). Whilst we have a sham as a Nationals, it is still the system by which we have to keep to, for the time being that is....


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I'm not sure about this composite band idea... surely what makes many bands so good is the way the players work together, not the individual skill of each person... Personally I think the best way to decide would be to use a system similar to the old Welsh Champion Band, with the results from 3 or 4 top competitions taken into account, maybe with bonus points for winning the europeans?


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you can invite the highest placed English band from the Nationals , the British Open, or the winner of the Masters..but 9 times out of ten , these bands for many reasons will not accept the invitation. ( finances , concert and competition commitments ). If it an open invitation I suppose any band should go for it. yes you would like your best bands to compete , but it dont happen ,am sure as with the All England Masters all the top 20 English bands are invited.
I think the WMC in Kerkrade is a good event.

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