Who is your favourite Euphonium Player(s)?


Spelling mistake noted Jerram! (sorry Jolyon) I've only known him for about 4 years. Why cant you 2 have normal names that are easy to spell?


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Ive gotta say Nick Childs is outstanding, the only euph player that has made me cry thou is Principal Euph for Tintwistle, His sound is so sweet and his technical playing is so light and bouncy hes incredible!


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markyboy said:
Spelling mistake noted Jerram! (sorry Jolyon) I've only known him for about 4 years. Why cant you 2 have normal names that are easy to spell?

hehez - we must have strange parents :p


David Childs. Nice bloke, superb player.

Someone mentioned John Storey? He was a stunning player when I knew him at Huddersfield Uni. Not bad on trombone either.

There's been no mention of Scottish euph players yet. We too have great euph players up here. Evelyn Bradley (Whitburn) being my unbiased favourite.

Also, there's a young lad in Aberdeen (Bon Accord Silver) called Richard Kidd. I think he's only 16 or 17, but he's really, really good! :shock: Makes me sick!!

Mr Smiler

Another vote for Trevor Groom - not only for his brilliant playing skills (which he still has today - he helped our band out a couple of weeks ago) and immense sound, but also for the fact that he is a really nice chap and a good teacher. Where do you think Steven Mead learnt to play like that?

I think its impossible to compare players nowadays with those from a few years ago. Today's players have moved on imensely in terms of their technical ability and there are many potential greats about even in the (dare I say) not so high profile bands. What will make them truly great will be whether they stand the test of time.

To ask a contentious question: with so many superb professionals about though, why hasn't the euphonium gained more of a reputation outside the confines of the brass and wind bands?

Brian Kelly

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I know I am coming to this a bit late, but I have only just joined, so here goes:

From back when I wer' a lad: the great John Clough, and a vote for the apparently forgotten Peter Wise of Hendon and Enfield SA bands and the Band of the Horse Guards :D

Then the incredible two and only Childs brothers :D

Now that I in my dotage: the two Davids, Thornton and Childs :D


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I think that probably the best players around at the moment have to be David Childs and David Thornton although Steven Mead is absolutely out of this world, technique and sound wise.

Another good player is Paul Robinson at Ever Ready, he has a traditional sound that is just fantasic.

However my "favourite" player has to be Morgan Griffiths... just superb :!: :D
I was on a long drive for work today and listened to Childs play on the CD, they are incredible. Is David Childs related to the Childs brother, not coming from that part of the world I don't know these things. :?


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David Child's is the son of Bob (Robert) Childs.
Nick is David's uncle and Bob's brother, and Lisa Childs is David's sister. David, Lisa, and Bob are all in the Cory band. Nick conducts Black Dyke.
Does that make sense?

Each of the Childs' are phenomenal euphonium players! :shock: 8)
I've also heard many good things about Lisa (who is a cornet player), a friend of mine is having lessons from her.

Music obviously runs in their blood! :D

It'd be cool if David, Nick and Bob (even Lisa as well!) did a CD together wouldn't it? :p


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Hiya I'd have to say the best ones I've heard is definatly Dave Thornton!!! He is amazing! David Childs is also brilliant as is Bob and Nicholas! :)


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Seedhouse said:
It'd be cool if David, Nick and Bob (even Lisa as well!) did a CD together wouldn't it? :p [/b]

I do recall seeing some advance publicity of a planned recording of duets to be played by Bob and David, with Nick conducting, but I don't know whether it is one of those projects that will ever come to fruition.

Having just heard David and Nigel John play "Calon Lan" at Birmingham, not to mention the duet in "Revelation" at the Europeans, it would be good to hear them record some duets.


Salvaion Army:

derick kane of the ISB!
andrew sage of cardiff canton band!


Bob Childs, Nick Childs and Dave Childs!


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Steven Mead is (in my eyes) a class apart. M.Griffiths, D.Thornton, B.Childs, N.Childs, G.Williams, S.Miles are all wonderful wonderful players but Mr Mead is super special. A friend who knows most of them very well was talking about this with me last night and while they are all great Steve Mead is a complete perfectionist. He will practice every semi-quaver until it is spot on and is not happy unless it is 200% perfect everytime. Pause for thought.......Does the being the best soloist make you the best player?!?!?! A big part of playing is sorting your section and I know several top players who arent great section leaders/team players but great when they are on their feet. Dave Childs will eclipse them all though, he is a scary scary player (in the nicest possible meaning of scary).

Dave Euph

I thought Liz Grosvenor of EYMS was pretty good when she was my teacher, but I reckon David Childs has the edge on most of the other top euph players. Heh, if Dave Thornton reads this he'll probs kill me in my next lesson. :lol:

jamie the euph

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I think that the greatest euphonium player of all time has to be Lyndon Bagelyn with out any doubt at all!Heard his live performance on Le Roy Dy's and carnival romain absoloutely amazin!

but i think who the best current player is tough and i think that it is close between three players!

Glyn Williams Fodens
Morgan Griffiths Faireys
Dave Thornton Black dyke

(there in no particular order)