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I went to Benidorm recently, and to my shock and pleasant surprise, I saw that ERIC DELANEY was on at one of the clubs. For those of you that don't know, Eric was a spectacular drummer/percussionist from a bygone era. I had last seen him at the Winter Gardens in Weston super Mare in 1963. He had a big band, and he performed on a revolving stage. He also introduced 'timpani' as a big band instrument. Well, there he was, at 1.30 in the morning, going bezerk on his massive kit, (still on a revolving stage), with rolls on his double bass drums etc. Still jumping off the stage to his set of four, lit up timps. AND HE IS EIGHTY - 8.....0......EIGHTY!

satchmo shaz

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A guy who plays 2nd baritone in my band is 81! and I did have one guy play for me a few years ago and he was 89 at the time!.....he could still rattle off stuff out the arban!!


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i depped in a concert for a non-contest band where the 2nd trombone was an old boy in his 80s playing on a valve trombone from the 30s!!


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I know a bloke whose dad is in his 90's and has only recently had to give up banding :lol:

I just hope I'm still blowing away at that age :lol:

Okiedokie of Oz

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Cliff Stitt, 2nd baritone player in gladstone retired from us at 77 and still comes to concerts and such.
Bob Carlisle 2nd baritone - 70's
Don Ryder still playing 2nd or 1st trombone at 72
H.G. "Happy" Lowry - 70's, conductor, horn, cornet, eupho and bass player.

If I can make it as long as these guys, I'll die a happy man!


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Maynard Ferguson still doing the business well into his 70's now!
I know there's a few MF fans on the forum - he's over at Ronnie Scotts in May - see you there!


I was conducted last summer (in a "reunion" band of 120 from the as now Hampshire County Youth Band) by the gentleman who taught me: John Knight. I think he's now 87. He still wasn't taking any sloppy playing!



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andywooler said:
Maynard Ferguson still doing the business well into his 70's now!
I know there's a few MF fans on the forum - he's over at Ronnie Scotts in May - see you there!

May 24th-29th to be precise.

Not to be missed.


John Drover, father of composer/arranger Adrian. His sound may have suffered somewhat, but he could still play all the Arban solos and was still competing in veteran's contests well into his eighties. Lovely bloke too.
If I'm still doing that, it'll be a miracle....'cos I can't play them all now!


Brian Kelly

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Arthur Thorniley, in his early eighties, retired from playing bass trombone with Stockport Citadel SA Band last year after 68 years.

I also remember reading last year about a 90-year old BBb bass player with Yeoville SA Band.


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We had the visit a few weeks ago by the South London Fellowship Band, led by George Whittingham. Playing principal cornet on the Sunday afternoon was Eric Rapp (Ben Rapp's grandfather, 78 years old, I think), not bad at all when you consider the programme included such items as "Triumph of Peace" and "King of Kings". Doug Minter, also on the front row, still has tremendous stamina for a 75-year-old.

Only hope I'm still going strong at their age :!:

Dave Payn

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Saw the great guitarist Segovia not long before he passed away. Can't remember how old he was at the time but boy could he still play! Superb!


When I used to spend some time in Lincoln I conducted the Silver Sounds Band during a summer season. Their drummer was 84 and had played with Glen Miller and the likes in his younger days. Tremendous kit player and a great guy.

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