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Can anyone out there, please tell me who is the soloist on The BTM (Bedwas Trethomas & Machen) " A Fanfare of Daffodills" playing "My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose". Is it Ian Roberts or Nigel Guy. The reason I ask is the wife loves a version of Nigel's playing with Tredegar, and she doesn't think it is him. Also she would like to know who he is playing for now? By the way if you see this Nigel, the wife is Liz Evans as she was then, Mid Glam and her 18th Birthday, may ring a bell :lol: She would also be interested to hear from any other Mid-Glam members, she saw Anna Hughes a while back 8)

betty boo

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Just want to clarify there were no underwritten tones in that!! Nigel was a hell of a cornet God to me, when I was a young thing!! He is a fantastic player & no-one can play "My Love Is like A Red Red Rose" like him.( he also came to my 18th party at Club Camelot in Caerphillly) Can I tell a really rude thing?! Keppler: Modded - Afraid not, family friendly forum, and all that ;)

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