Who is going to Bugle this year?


I understand that there are 3 in top section. 21 bands there in total - same number as last year.

I'll be there playing this year.



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Me! I am! My first ever bugle! South Molton will be there :D apparently we got booed when we won or came somewhere in the prizes the last time we went, because we're not cornish! :tongue:

I've been before when I was about 10 but I've never played... should be a good day :D

Naomi McFadyen

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I would have loved to have gone this year, as I enjoy going down each year for what is a wonderful and enjoyable day out, but sadly due to our 'addition' we'll be staying in Manchester...
Good luck to all the bands competing.... and hope it doesn't rain! :p


Im ment to be playing for a band down there in the champ section, sounds like a good weekend!



I'll be there for a listen again this year.......just hope the weather is as good as last year!!!!!! See you there AJ


Given that my search for a career has taken me all of nowhere and back again, I'll actually be in Cornwall for it this year... if it's not raining, I might just pay a visit!I got sunburnt there one year, and drenched the next... you never can tell!!

Liz Courts

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I'll be there yet again, and actually playing this year :D! I'll be on the back row with St Stythians band in the second section.

It better be sunny again! If not, I'll see you all in the pub :rolleyes:.

Can't wait!! :biggrin:

Liz Courts

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I'm sure I've seen Rogerstone there before? A couple of years ago?? Or am I getting you mixed up with another band?! Or another contest?!! Hmmm...

You should definitely come and watch this year anyway!! :biggrin:


im not sure, i only been with the band a few years, so i probally missed it, you never kno! i will have to try and come down, if im not busy with work!


Yes, Rogerstone went a few years ago when the First Section test piece was Plantagenets. I, however was at a wedding that day and didn't have the pleasure of playing!!
Andy i believe that it was the other 'unspoken' things happened in bugle when we(Rogerstone) went that have led to us not returning. And tim is right, the set test piece was 'The Plantaganets' by Edward Gregson and the set march was 'Brilliant' by Ord J Hume. Interesting bit of rogerstone history for you there andy!