Who has snow?


Hey John, do you think your snow will still be there in April? We're coming over to Toronto for a holiday then and I think it may be our best chance. My kids are really excited at the idea of snow (so am I - well worth flying a few thousand miles for!)

John Brooks

Well-Known Member
I hope not :cry: It's less likely to still be here in April although the chances are still good that we could get a spring snow fall, but it wouldn't usually stay around too long :D The sun is starting to warm us up by then. Now if you're really desperate to see some snow why not get a car and drive to the Rockies; it should only take you about three or four days if you don't stop too long :wink: That's often a want but not always possible; it is beautiful though. I live about 60 miles west of Toronto. Hope you have a great time.

Big Twigge

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Its snowing (or at least having a go) in parts of Cheshire, Shropshire and the wonderful North wales! yey...."let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"

Big Twigge

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Is not doing a very good job here...about 10 snow bits then it stops for about half an hour....come on snow, I want to get my snow boots out :)

where i live we hardly get snow, it aint snowed for years, might get a lil but then it goes to ice and thats it. :cry:
but its just started weired.

Andy Duncan

New Member
There's plenty of snow, wind and general wintery weather arrived up here in Lewis today coming straight from the North pole - it's very cold indeed!

It's supposed to be moving further south overnight, so be prepared:!:

Andy Duncan

The Cornet King

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Well according to the trusted weather forecasters...we 'ere in 'Ull are meant to get loads of snow tonight and tomorrow. :D

But they said yesterday we'd get some last night but we didnt :cry: :cry:

Not holding out much hope...but we'll see! (Off to do a snow dance now :p )



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i love the snow, but we never get any in mk :(
it sucks.......
so, theres my complaint.
anyone with snow, could you send some my way, or i shall be forced to come up there and steal it!!!


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Its snowed here again yay! Hopefully about 10ft will fall overnight and the school will close........... :D


They said we'd get about 6inches tonight and tommow, and kept by that untill lunchtime today. Now it's going to be 'a dusting'. I hate that phrase, it's the worst thing ever. And I'm sooooo annoyed because I thought I was gonna get the day off school tommow :x :cry:


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Not snowing here yet (hope it does!), but I'll still have to work tomorrow as I only live round the corner from work :(

Rach x


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now you do surprise me. before now weve had snow up here in the disey heights of dawley bank, got down to the town center and there is absolutely nothing!!!
We have our own weather system up here!!!
:roll: :roll:

John Brooks

Well-Known Member
Boy do we have snow. Over the last couple of days I've shovelled more than two feet of snow from my driveway. I'm quickly running out of places to put it :( Notice the choice of emoticon :( not :cry: !!! No point in crying about it when you actually made a choice to live in it :) But does my back ache :guiness No not Guiness; Hot Coffee :wink:


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