Who doesn't need cornets?!?!?!

surely u shudnt be letting on on such top-secret-maximum-security YBS information?
wont they hang u for such an offence?!?! :lol:


I don't need cornets either!!

I could do with a Bass player and a Euph though...................!


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BottyBurp said:
I DON'T!!!! I need a Bb Bass & a Baritone. Ben, I notice you play Bass with Leyland... :wink:
yeah but he plays Eb... which i suppose is a cross between a Bb bass and a baritone ;)
wo wo wo woo! this is all gettin a bit out of hand right here. I was only puttin up a sarcastic topic on who needs cornets, cos there seems to be a big shortage of them in bands these days and loads of people seem to be advertising for them on here.
(up for any dep work tho :wink: but preferably on Eb, Bbs are stupid instruments, too big)

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