Who are the cornet players with the nicest sound????


Well I personally think Kirsty Abbotts has the best sound on cornet.

One year at Brass In Concert Kirsty played MEDITATION from THAIS.
The sound Kirsty produced was well ,I could fill the screen with superlatives .
Myself and the audience were captivated.The audiences appreciation showed Kirsty how much we had enjoyed it as I'm sure she received the longest applause of the day and rightly so.But unfortunately those cursed Adjudicators didn't think so :(

I think a CD would be great from this talented Musician :tup

We did a cd with her which you can purchase via the Carlton main website or through 4br. It's called Soliloquy and is full of lyrical pieces for your aural pleasure.

Hands down, she has THE best sound and is very musical and has been a joy to play along with.


Just realised that Kirsty didn't have a cd at the time of the original post... oops, well, cheap plug anyway.

Young Cobby's not bad either.


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I think that a lot of people have a very nice sound, but not owning every brass band CD in the world, it's difficult for me to comment really. If I was to comment some people wouldn't like it.

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Here here..

Just spent NYBBGB week wih him on principal cornet again.....the middle movement of Contest Music was quite something at both concerts and i'm sure anyone in GUS at the Grand Shield and NYBB at the two concerts would have to agree.

----worship over for now til next time :p----
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I never understood what all the fuss was about with RW. Too Clinical. The recordings speak for themselves side by side.... JS. in a superior league.
and McCann. always sounded too wobbly to take seriously, the frailty of tone would appear to be endearing for some however.

As most people seem to rate these three..... Here is my take
Webster or McCann don't make my top 20.

No. 1. James Shepherd.... has never yet been surpassed.

I would probably place Russell Gray above Webster but again Russell would still not make my top ten.
Can't imaginne a better sound or technique than Jim.

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