Who are the cornet players with the nicest sound????

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Another name, perhaps not familiar to people outside the SA is Keith Hutchinson. He was principal of Enfield Citadel for a number of years. I know David Dawes points to a number of influences and people who have inspired him, but he sat 2nd man to Keith for a while and can't help but think David would have been influenced by his style and leadership of the section. Unfortunately, I am too young to have seen him perform live but from hearing recordings and stories from people who knew and heard him suggests to me he was a very special player.

If you'd been in Horsham today, you would have heard him play. He is 3rd man down on the front row at Horsham Borough Band and a really amazing player, also a very, very, very nice guy. :)


Interesting "resurrected" thread this! So many ladies and gentlemen , past and present, with lovely sounds and of course veryone will have their personal preferences. Listening to many bands since being bitten with the banding "bug" big time in my early teens (ie early '70s), would have to mention Messrs Shepherd, McCann, Morrison and Marshall, whilst from the SA side David Daws, Philip Smith, Deryck Diffey amongst others. Thinking of Diffey, how about the late Art Dean of the Bearcroft era Canadian Staff Band? A long time "second chair" man , but what stamina and what a pure sound! Also as a youngster one man who really impressed and inspired me was John (Jackie) Spowart of Bo'Ness SA - a no-fuss, no theatrics, pure and musical player who played purely for SA purposes week in, week out. There are no doubt countless more like him out there - not "big names" but folks who others appreciate and are inspired by to play.


I never understood what all the fuss was about with RW. Too Clinical. The recordings speak for themselves side by side.... JS. in a superior league.
and McCann. always sounded too wobbly to take seriously, the frailty of tone would appear to be endearing for some however.

As most people seem to rate these three..... Here is my take
Webster or McCann don't make my top 20.

No. 1. James Shepherd.... has never yet been surpassed.

I would probably place Russell Gray above Webster but again Russell would still not make my top ten.
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Just had a quick look through most of the posts here and there are some great players mentioned. I'm surprised though that Brian Taylor of Fairey's hasn't been mentioned more often. Having said that, when you're talking about players of this standard there are very fine margins from one persons preference to another.

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I was listening to some old YBS CDs the other day, and I'd almost forgotten what a great sound Stuart Lingard had. His recording of "Bells of Peover" is lovely to listen to. And right the way through "Hymn of the Highlands" he sounds fantastic.

Is he playing anywhere at the moment?
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I've stuck it into babelfish and free-translation - it's not happening.

I've not heard many cornet players at all.... but I do like the Jason Evans' sound (I think that's him - principal of Marsden?)

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