Who am I?


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Well, read the name and you can probably guess - I am an inflitrator here. I am a trumpet player.
I also play cornet although haven't played in any bands for some years due to getting frustrated with a general lack of practising in the rest of the band and an insistance that contests are the reason for living, not to mention the joys of bandroom politics:rolleyes:

I am a frequent poster on many online forums, but have learnt not to put which, because it gets me into trouble with the powers that be;)

My specialism is piccolo trumpet playing and I am more than willing to offer advice to anybody who is wishing to start out playing the wee beasty.

I split my life between performing and teaching - I teach all brass, although prefer teaching advanced trumpet/cornet students.

If anybody wants online advice about their playing, I am willing to offer advice, but everyone should always remember - without actually hearing you or seeing what you are doing, it is almost impossible for ANYBODY to make accurate judgements about your playing.

Well, that's quite enough about me - nobody is going to be reading this anyway.


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Hi Mike - have you tried Alder Valley Brass? In my day they were a friendly group with no hint of politics and a healthy disrespect for the pressures of contesting (although we did get to the Albert Hall in 91...)

Is the Redgrave Theatre still standing? I was effectively their 'resident composer' during the early nineties and provided music for quite a few of their in-house productions but I understand that all is not well there now. And I still have in-laws in the peoples' republic of Tilford so prop up the Barley Mow now and then.





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Alder Valley was actually my first taste of the bandroom, in the short-lived junior band there (tha dates me quite well - the band didn't last long at all).
I have been asked back there a few times, but my teaching schedule tends to occupy the evenings as well - most bands prefer you to attend rehearsals, rather than just turn up on the gigs, which makes me and bands not the greatest combination.

The Redgrave Theatre is still standing, but hasn't been used for a long time. A crying shame. Farnham has no working theatre, no cinema and an "arts venue" that is no use for anything.

The Barley Mow, however, is fantastic:biggrin: