Whit Fridays.... So Whos Going and which one?


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Having read a lot of posts regarding the Whits, hows about a TMP round-up of which bands are going and whether you're doing Tameside or Saddleworth (one post per band please), that way we know who to look out for.

Ok so.....

Yiewsley & West Drayton (and friends), Saddleworth.


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Imps will be there, and I'd imagine that we will start in Saddleworth, as normal. Whether we get over to Tameside or not depends on how organized we are.



Littleborough Public will be out around Tameside after getting stuck fast in saddleworth last year!

Big Fella

VBS Poynton

We have talked about just doing Tameside and then depending on time maybe doing some of Saddleworth


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We normally do tameside.. but I think we're gonna pester to do saddleworth this year :)


Yorkshire Co-op will be out, but I won't be there (will be on holiday!!!!). I think the plan is to do predominantly Tameside, although I am pretty sure the band will finish off the evening in Denshaw, which is obviously in Saddleworth (and also being the pub closest to home).


Warwick will be out in Saddleworth - a combination of members and alumni as usual (its exam season!).

Dave Sait
I'll be there with Hepworth, don't know where abouts though. I did it a couple of years ago with Point of Ayre and they abandoned me!!! I had to get Gareth (BoozyBassTrom) to pick me up!

Rainford will be out, getting drunk *ahem*.

Most probably sticking with tradition and ending up at Dobcross. Taking bets as to who will fall down the hill on the way down to the coach first...

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