Whit Friday weather report...


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Well, the sun's coming out now... Just had a look on Yahoo at the weather, apparently the Oldham area is currently 15 degrees Centigrade, with a max of 17 degrees and a low of 13 degrees. We can expect it to be mostly cloudy.

Humidity: 82%
Wind: NW/19 km/h
Visibility: 9.99 km
Dewpoint: 12°
Barometer: Unknown
Sunrise: 4:43
Sunset 21:31

Humidity is going to be high! Apparently down in Newquay it's 96%! Nice, eh?

Here's hoping the weather holds out... might need the old Sunglasses 8)


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The sun is out here in Salford. Good that it should be nice weather... I'd still rather be in Newquay than here though! :lol: 8)


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weather has been steadily improving in stretford... hopefully it's going to be a good day for it!

(but with humidity like that, there could be a strong smell of sweat on the coach after a couple of marches!)


I didn't think the humidity was that bad for the playing side of things although in the pubs, it felt something like 150% :!: :?

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