Whit Friday Videos


Whist trawling through oe of the CD stands at the Open on Saturday, I spotted the CD that was recorded at Delph this year. This reminded me that Uppermill and another Saddleworth venue produces a video of some of the performances.
Has anyone got them from this year, and if so, how many tMPers (including the band! ;) ) appear :?:


Hi Stephen. The Uppermill Whit friday is made by a former bass player of ours called Paul Rayner. He usually advertises the videos in the Bandsman not long afterwards, but sadly this year for some reason he didn't include tMP Band on it. Perhaps he did actually film tMP playing but has to edit a few bands out for time purposes, and tMP was one of them.
If you were to email him at paulrayner@ntlworld.com or phone his shop on 01484 451115 he may run a few copies off if there is enough interest and its worth his while.
When I saw this years video I was dissapointed not to have seen the band, as I'm sure many who played on the night would have been as well.
Paul also has made videos of Uppermill going back to 1995 which I think I'm on all but about two. We didn't make it to Uppermill this year but hopefully we will next year.
Let us know if you have any luck.

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