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OK, whos going and where are they staying. As we (Raunds) are travelling a fair distance we have some form of accomodation booked but, not suprisingly I cant remember where. As other bands are doing the same I guess this is the perfect opportunity for an impromptu tMp social (or several smaller ones) before we all retire to our beds. If your not going with a band, where are you likely to spend the day?


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Hey Steve

You're a little way behind I'm afraid...;) we have already got a tMP band competing at the Whits - coaches, meals, music, band positions, MD...it's all sorted.

You're welcome to come along - have a search for the announcement on tMP somewhere. Rachel has done a sterling job in managing this for tMP, she'll be along soon and can drop you the details.



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Hi steve. If you and J and that weird lot are havin a night out in manchester, give me a call... just make sure J isn't wearing his good shirt again... :wink:


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Hi Steve we do indeed have a tMP Band at the Whits. We shall be sticking to the main saddleworth area and have a buffet etc booked for the end of the evening at a local pub. There also are a number of tMPers that will be around on the Saturday so if anyone fancies a social on the Sat too drop me a line :twisted:


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Thats what i meant, as well as the tMp band I was wondering where all the others that are playing with their own bands are due to pass out over the weekend. Sorry for any confusion everybody :oops:
We're going (Bakewell silver plus Darley Dale and Shirebrook :p ) but because of the distance not being too great, we're going back home after our last place. We usually end up home at about 3 so it's not too bad. We are however leaving early afternoon and so we don't loose out on any valuble 'playing time' :D .
Our route planner (Colin, our solo trom :roll: hehe) has got all his maps and stuff so i'll let some people know our proposed route. Hopefully we'll bump into tMP band!! :D


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I'm going with BBS. Unfortunately everyone appears to be taking it all a bit seriously for my liking... words like "lower section" and "prizes" and "which villages" keep popping up :shock: :( Hopefully will be able to consume a couple of sly ones at some point.

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