Whit Friday MArches


How do you register for these? Is it a case of turning up or do you have to let someone know in advance? Thinking of taking a band this year and the contest sec wants to know - (I thought you send a runner to register you when you turn up!)



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Hi Chris

You don't need to let anyone know in advance, and you are correct, you need a "runner" to sign you in at each contest as you go (needs to be with the band at all times).

Gavin Pritchard
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Thanks for that! Have done it in the past but didn;t take any notice of registering and what not!

BIG Paul

just turn up pay your money and enjoy. entry fees vary between £1.00 and £2.00 but most are only £1.00. the runner can be very important, if you turn up at the same time as another band. first bands runner to register goes first this can save ten to fifteen minutes.

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