whit friday junior/youth sections

having just read the results for both Saddleworth and Tameside regions it got me thinking as to what constitutes entry to the junior/youth sections i.e what age limit is imposed,how many if any adults you are allowed to play?
It seems strange to me how a band who are nationally graded as 2nd section(1st section 2007)and are not normally known as a youth band can enter this section.
I can understand it if it was a mistake from the organisers allowing entry to this section on one occasion but the band in question achieved prizes at at least 3 venues.Surely this is unfair to genuine youth bands who go to the marches hoping to achieve a prize or two!
Can somebody clarify these rules please.

These opinions are my own and not the band i play with!!


I'm not exactly sure of the rules regarding the youth sections, but i helped out my sister's youth band on friday, and for the march down they had a couple of older helpers, but for the standing march all the players were under 18, so i presume that's something like the rules!
I think that regardless of what section the band is usually graded as, if all the players on the day are under 18, then i see no reason why they shouldnt enter as a youth band.


Whit friday junior/youth section

As far as I am aware to enter the Youth section the only rule is that all players have to be under 18 and that is it.

In the same way that a band could go and play and register as a fourth section band at the Whit Fridays but have deps from the top section.

My comment would be that the rules should remain as they are. The contest obviously works as it is and good luck to any band who has enough players under the age of 18 to make up a full band.

Hi Englebert

I presume that your comment is in reference to Shirland Youth Band.

The rules, I believe, state that to be classed as a youth band the players should be under the age of 18, with the band being able to field UP to 4 adult players to assist.

Shirland Youth, was made up of the youth players of Shirland Training Band and players from Shirland Training Bands, youth band, if you see what I mean. These players ranged from 9 to 18 years of age.

For your information, the band entered 6 contests, gaining 4 firsts (one of which was a joint first) and a second, which could have been a first if one of the adults (me !) hadn't made a hash of it. Guilty as charged !!!!

The most amazing achievement on the day for these youngsters, was that they came 23rd out of a total of 75 bands competing at Delph, beating many higher section bands, including one championship band that I know of.

I was proud to have had the honour of playing with these very talented youngsters at the Whit Friday Marches.

well done, im happy that the band i played with got a 1st and a 2nd x2 and 1st band playing every should enjoy the day instead of EDIT about other bands.

Edit: Do not try and beat the bleeper - it's there for a reason. (dyl)
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Thanks for clarifying the rules Simon.I was just trying to get familiar with the rules just in case our training band would want to come to next years marches.
Maybe,to avoid any confusion you could enter as Shirland Youth and not Shirland Welfare?
Congratulations anyway on your prizes!