Whit Friday deps available!

So here I am again advertising some mercenary brass players available for your bands for whit Friday!

This year this is what I have available:

1 Tenor Trombone
1 Tenor Horn
1 Baritone/Cornet
1 Euphonium
1 Eb Bass

As always, not banking on getting a band that will take all of us, but that would be preferable (been lucky the past couple of years for that to have been possible).
3 of us are based in North Wales and 1 in the Midlands so getting to any rehearsals would be tricky (aside from any potential on the day rehearsals before setting off), however we guarantee that any parts sent to us will be practised thoroughly. We all have ample experience in brass banding (and in marching) and are more than capable players, all currently playing for 1st section bands. We are however happy to play with any band of any standard.
We're particularly fond of TJ Powell and William Rimmer marches ;)

As always feel free to send a message if you're interested in taking any of us on, it would be greatly appreciated!
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All players are now sorted.

Thanks to those who showed interest once again this year! We'l be back for more next year no doubt!