Whit Friday Band wanted.


I have been approached by a member of Denshaw Church, Saddleworth, who is looking for a band to play for the Whit walks on the morning of the Saddleworth Contests, 4th June 2004. I suggested to them, that maybe a tMP.com band would be making the journey to partake in the evening contests and may possibly wish to soak up the atmosphere of the whole day in the same way that Saddleworth Bands do. There is a fair fee which would assist to cover part of the travelling costs and they would also provide a lunchtime snack after the march. Unlike most of the Whit walks around here, Denshaw is not that long and tireing.
If anyone is interested please contact me a.s.a.p. at ashwortd@aol.com

Many thanks,

Dave Ashworth.

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