Which section is best?

Which section r00ls?

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Anonymous said:
Definatley Sop (not that I'm biased :lol: )

Nearest Seat to the bar, furthest from the bass trombone!
(and you get to do traffic light impressions on the contest stage : Green - getting ready to play, Amber : a mellow mf, Red : take cover guys the sops gonna blow!)

And I really ought to remember to log in before posting!

(is this a bug in the forum or is it intentional?)


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WhatSharp? said:
And I really ought to remember to log in before posting!

(is this a bug in the forum or is it intentional?)
It was intentional, but it's been changed now so that you have to log in to post...


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A good bass section and a good percussion section can provide a sound foundation for any band - most of the time no-one will be aware of them, but take them away and you'd know it. Was anyone else present at Symphony Hall in 2001 when Dyke played Deep Harmony on the Sunday afternoon? - The bass note held between the verses was worth the rest of the programme put together!


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but us horny people rule...
we dont need the rest of the band...
just ask anyone from the rncm horn class (club)
our arrangements for horns rule... even though lyndon cheated :lol:



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For me it's Horns and Baritones - they gel the top and bottom ends (if you pardon the expression) together, colour the sound and give it its character and warmth (or not as the case may be) :wink:


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Best section!

Well, I reckon it depends on the band you play with and the people you sit with!!!

So while FLUG is my all time fave instrument, right at this minute my vote has to go to....

THE FRONT ROW (well, as long as there are some girls there to keep the men in check!!!)
baris by a mile

as a bari/euph player(mainly bari) for the past 20something years i think im qualified to put my argument forward!
Baritone parts have everything-solo work,duets,um-chucks even bass line work---who wants to sit there all night playing pretty twiddly bits-variety is the spice of life.
We are not all failed cornet/horn/euph players-we are stars in our own right!!
Best Section ?

I'm afraid that the best section is and always will be the BASS Section.

They are the cutest, friendliest, happiest, slimmest, best looking, someone you must take home to mum!!!!!!! type player ever. They are modest and polite, never argue or moan. They will always drink in moderation and always always behave themselves!!!!!

:lol: :wink: :D 8) :shock: :) :eek: :p :wink:


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noooooo!! front row is the best!!! although back row has more fun cos they are hidden!!!!! :)


Front Row is where its at :!: :!:

Aren't the rest of the band all failed cornet players anyway :p With the obvious exception of Trombone players and percussionists who are just born mad and can't help it :D


Euph, very definately! ALways get the pretty melodies, and the counter-melodies, and generally more interesting stuff to play that the rest of the lower sections, yet with a beautiful (hopefully!) sound.


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SORRY, but back row rule... we have the most difficult job if keeping four different parts goin at once (sop,rep, 2nds and 3rds) and sometimes even our parts are split into two aswell, so thats 6 parts! plus we can be deviant without bein caught behind the front row :D :wink:


I'm glad to see the best section is indeed winning in the poll!!! :D :D Horns rule because without them we wouldn't be a brass band! So there!!!


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beard_4b said:
Solo cornet! thats why theres 4 of them!
You could always turn that argument round, and say they can't be so good if it needs 4 of them :wink: :lol: :lol:

Jo Elson

your best player should be on principal, 2nd best on rep, 3rd best on 2nd man down and then 4th best on top 3rd cornet! Well that is what I think anyway!!

I'd have to disagree slightly. I had to play 3rd cornet for a contest once because we had 2flugels, and although the solo and 1st cornet parts are hard because of the pitch and are complecated parts they do have the tune which is easier in some ways. The 2nd and 3rd cornet parts are equally as hard a lot of the time. They have off beat quavers and hardly ever have the tune like front row and these parts are really vital in a contest. In my opinion i think that solo down to 3rd cornets shouldn't be ranked in best down all the time. However i do realise that what you are saying can be true.