Which is the largest step

Which is the biggest step

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The new year will bring new challenges to the bands promoted and demoted.
Which step up in section is the biggest challenge.


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I think it very much depends which region you're in - for example, in L&SC, in the 1st/Champ border country, there are several bands which do well in the 1st, but consistently come right at the bottom in the top section; however, I understand that the opposite situation is true in Scotland - the lowest top section places rarely consistently go to the same bands, resulting in the relegation of worthy top section groups. Is this right, Scots? :?:



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I would suggest the biggest step of all occurs near the top of the championship section, although recent results at both the Open and Nationals would suggest this gap is closing. Long term though, there are six or so bands who will always be there or there abouts at the majors, whilst others, whilst excellent bands, may fade in and out of form more often.


Got to say 1st to Championship, especially as I'm in that situation at the moment.
Apart from the test pieces (especially set pieces) being so much more difficult there is the situation that you are competing against the 'elite' bands eg; Fodens, Faireys. Even more pressure!


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MoominDave said:
I think it very much depends which region you're in - for example, in L&SC, in the 1st/Champ border country, there are several bands which do well in the 1st, but consistently come right at the bottom in the top section...
... or yo-yo up and back down again every few years!
We're going from 1st to Championship in Jan, and this is definitely the is the scariest imo - both in terms of the standard of music being thrown at us and the fact that we will be, at least on paper, in the same broad category as YBS, Faireys etc..... there's just no way!!!!


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The biggest jump for me was changing bands and going 3rd to championship over night. Bit of a steep learning curve :shock:

From a bands point of view though, I think that 1st to champ is the biggest step in south wales. From being top of the 1st, all of a sudden you're up against Tredegar, Cory and BTM


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I've done all of them now, and there's no doubt in my mind that the jump to the Championship section is the most significant step.

This suggests to me that the first section is not fulfilling its intended role in bridging the gap - harder pieces are certainly needed at Regional level in order to prepare bands for what - potentially - lies ahead.

I'm starting to wonder if too many bands are not promoted into the Championship Section. The two-up-two-down rule applied to the other sections seems less appropriate here, as does the averaging of points over three years which can sometimes result in a band that is only consistently 'above average' in the first section being promoted, perhaps beyond its ability.


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Definately 1st to Championship.
I played for a band, that went from 3rd Sect to Champ year after year, we did OK untill we got to the Championship Section, managed to stay there for a couple of years and then got demoted down to 1st..
I don't think it's to much to do with the choosen area pieces. I think that a lot of problems are brought on by the bands themselves, in not trying to play concert and contest pieces that push the band, onto higher and better things.
How many times have we helped out 1st Section bands, and found their concert programme to be lacking in some way or other.


Having played in most of the sections at some time or another I believe that the transition from 1st to Championship is probably the biggest jump.

Having said that, the move from 2nd to 1st in January with Lanner seems like a huge gap as the testpieces we have had to play at the areas & the nationals this year in the 2nd section (Celestial Prospect & Sunset Rhapsody respectively) were not very demanding technically when compared with Coventry Variations for next year's 1st section areas.

It will be an interesting time for the band and I am certainly looking forward to playing more challenging music.


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1st to Championship is definately the hardest in the Midlands. It doesnt make it any easier when, for the last few years at least, Kibworth have won the 1st section every time they compete. They seem to end up getting relegated back down soon after though which is a shame as there are bands in the top section that Kibworth could easily beat for 11 months of the year. Going from second section to Travelsphere was a huge shock for me, the difference in band sound took some getting used to. I had spent a year at Kibworth doing first and champ. section contests but there is a huge gulf between them as a top section band and Travelsphere.


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1st to Champ is definitely the biggest leap, and has already been said there's a steep curve towards the top of the Champ section itself.
I think it's also the point at which it stops becoming a hobby and takes over your life, becoming more like a second job. But if you want to be the best............<insert Roy Castle here :) >

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In Australia, there is a slight stigma with being in D grade. Because towns down here are so spread out, it's hard for some rural bands to gain experienced membership, and as such they constantly play at a lower lever so as not to push too hard on those players. As a result, these badns tend to stay in D grade (4th section???????) for quite some time.

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