Which Flugelhorn


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Upon looking on various websites, I have found a variety of Flugels that people seem to have very different views upon. With the outlook of a frequent player (and a view to play for many years to come), what would people's advice be on a decent Flugel. There is a secondhand bach 183 for £1200 but these get very mixed reviews. What about something like the B&S Challenger 1 Flugel. What is the difference between the 3145, 3145S and 3145G flugels? Do these just refer to the metal? I will try whichever flugel I opt for and would like to have some people's advice on which is worth it. As I am a student I will get VAT off any new instruments.


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this question is asked so many times and the answers remain the same, lots of people will tell you that the one they play is the best- and that is true for them, maybe not for you. Secondly, it is your money, not ours, for you to spend, so try them and see which one you like. The most important thing though is this, at 14, you have some important years of education coming up and maybe you should give some consideration to how an expensive instrument is going to figure in those years. Rate your ambitions alongside your current musical activities and see how they look like they are going to pan out and talk about them with your parents and teachers who will give you better advice than you will get on the internet, and good luck.