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Hi all. New to tMP, so apologies if this has been asked a million times before..

I'm looking to buy a new trombone, probably "professional" level, for my son. So I'm looking for a UK shop with a range of Bb/F Tenor and Bass troms that we can try out, and with staff who know what they're talking about and can help us make the right choice.

We're based in Gloucestershire, but happy to travel (within reason).



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From what I recall of other posts one of the best places for Brass in the Southwest is John Packers in Taunton: Musical Instruments UK For Sale | Woodwind & Brass | John Packer . I can’t vouch for what’s on offer or the quality of the service.

Normally Brass Bands will supply instruments, it may be that you don’t really need to buy one of your own. If your son is taking lessons then his teacher should be able to suggest some suppliers too - though I think that a decent Brass Band will supply an Instrument anyway.

Hope that that helps.
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Does your son know whether it's a tenor or bass bone he wants/needs?

How good is his playing? Does he need a pro level instrument yet?
Obviously the better the instrument, the less of a handicap it is, but it's also much more expensive..

How well does he take care of his things? Instruments obviously aren't cheap and damaged instruments lose value even quicker than undamaged ones - would secondhand be a wise consideration?

Is there a teacher on the scene that can provide some guidance?

Having said all that... Yes, Packer's are good - it'd be worth calling ahead and making sure Steve is in on the day you intend to visit - knowledgeable and friendly, not a pushy salesman at all.

I'm in Gloucestershire too but not a trombonist so not sure I can be of much help beyond general stuff, but if I can be of further assistance let me know :)

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