Where is the best place to advertise for new players ?


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We have tried The Bandsmen, 4BarsRest and tMP with equal (i.e. no) success.

HAs anyone had any luck with new players ?

Specifically front row conet and tenor trombone if your interested ? :D

Dave Euph

Being as you seem to be 2nd section maybe you should try advertising around universities with good music departments? Students who play brass instruments may well be looking for a quality brass band to join, especially 1st years.

Good luck! ;)


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In fact they're 1st section (promoted last year).

That was the thought I had, but, trying to think of universities near to Brackley, I don't think there's one nearer than Oxford/Oxford Brookes, which looks to be about 30 miles away by road on the map, which is some way for poor and mostly carless students to travel - I presume, based on the south of the county, that there's no frequent enough public transport out that way?

Having said that, I've got a suspicion that there is (or at least was 3 or 4 years ago) somebody organising what was basically a player brokering system for new students arriving in Oxford; I know Wantage picked up a cornet player that way. I'll ask our resident academic.


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