Where is everyone??


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think its this eviction buisiness dude. that and a lck of activity by BB.

When was the last time we were asked into the diary room? I think hes given up on us!


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Yeh I know I'm well nervous bout the eviction....this could be my last post :( :( :(
How about some funky dancing to ease the nerves? *Claps hands and bobs around groovily*

2nd man down

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hey, if you'd groovily danced around like that before maybe you wouldn't have been nominated!! I'm impressed.
Good afternoon housemates.

To give you all something to take your mind off tonight's announcement and give you plenty to do over the weekend, we have set you a little task.

We want you each to write a short story which surrounds Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs. The story must be Brass Band orientated and no less than 300 words. There is no maximum word limit.

You must mention all the characters by name and the musical instruments they play.

The first person to complete their story will start off a new thread entitled Snow White - the Banders Story! and the other housemates can follow suit and post their stories.

Snow White: Conductor
Bashful: Bb Cornet
Doc: Flugel
Dopey: Eb Bass
Grumpy: Euphonium
Happy: Horn
Sleepy: Percussion
Sneezy: Trombone

You have until 10.00 p.m. on Sunday to complete the task.


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