When the Saints Go Marching In - arrangement?

Just another query! I recently conducted an arrangement of "When the Saints go Marching In" and was hoping to use it again with another band, but sadly I cannot remember who arranged it! I suspect it's Goff Richards or Alan Fernie, but can't remember which...

I do remember that the band had to stand and sing in the middle if that helps...

Hope someone knows what I'm talking about!

Okiedokie of Oz

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yes, I have played it too.

We also have an arrangement by a local guy. It's in a funk style, with the cornets screaming away a la stage band style.
Yep - that's the one! I should have remembered who arranged it as I conducted Newtongrange band at the Carnegie contest when they did the piece, but my memory is awful! I did ask to borrow it off them, but I think it's in the deep recesses of somebody's house, so may as well actually get the other band to buy it instead!

Thanks for your help!
We play an absolutely beltin arrangement by Goff Richards as our signature tune at the end of every concert but we don't have to sing in the middle??? :?


Don Morrison did an excellent arrangement of this way back, don't know whether its still in Publication.

You would need a pretty good Euph player though


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