What's your wettest ever band job?


The wettest INDOOR job I have ever done was only a week gone Sunday... Jephson Gardens in Royal Leamington Spa - it was raining outside, so we played indoors in the tropical conditions of the Greenhouse - I had to ring my socks out after! It was TORMENT :-(


we had a march once, we got half way up the road and the heavens opened. we had our hymn books with us aswell on our liars! All the ink of the front ran off and into the pages so we now have pages with patches of red in them! hehehe

Was funny at the time though,


2 Bad ones. Kendal Steam gathering and torchlight procession 1976 I think.

Willemshafen in Germany in about 1980. This german port was once there submarine HQ. german crowd laughing at us...... certain clarinet player shouting back........ (In wet voice).... well at least we sunk the BISMARK!!!!!

Very diplomatic!
Newent Onion Fair in Sept 2005.

Newent High Street got completely flooded and we had to wade through several feet of brown flowing water, let alone trying to get out of Newent later on!


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For me, it has to be Loanhead Gala Day, just two weeks ago!
We started off with a short march out to a local club, where there was a short stop for 'refreshments'. By the time we got to the club, it was obvious that our band issue 'waterproofs' just weren't!
After that break we marched back to the club at the original start point, where we barely had time to recover before going out to form up for the main parade.
As we waited to move off with the main parade the rain got even heavier (until that point we didn't think that it could get any heavier!). Those in charge of the parade left everybody standing in the rain, watching the kids dodging the rivers in the road, for 20 minutes before they decided to cancel it.
We were supposed to be taking part in an indoor concert later that afternoon - needless to say, the band committee saw sense and told the organisers that we couldn't be expected to wait around as we were all literally soaked to the skin!!! Home for an early bath!
brighouse march and hymn contest 07 was a barrel of laughs

got soaked with sellers youth

had to go home and change

then got soaked with pennine. twice


Without any doubt, it was in September 1997 - the day that Princess Di died.
Correction to previous message. It was Littlehampton Bonfire March in, I think, 1989. Portsmouth City Band had just purchased a brand new set of jackets from Brayshaws and it was their first airing - should have known better really.

Littlehampton Bonfire March, for anyone who hasn't endured it, lasts for about an hour and half way round the heavens opened. Got soaked to the skin. Still, a few whiskys at the United Services Club later on and all was soon forgotten.


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We had an outdoor job at an Ice Cream Farm two weeks ago. The morning started off bright and sunny. By the time we set up in the afternoon black cloulds were looming.

We played the first piece and i gave a huge build up to our second piece telling the audience along the lines of how I'd been keeping an eye on the weather forecast all week hoping that we would be able to play. We launched into our second piece, Singing in the Rain (you couldnt write the script!), and sure enough the heavens opened and I have never seen rain like it! Half the band were under a marquee and the rest got soaked! I couldnt hear the band for the rain bouncing on the cover! We had a rain stopped play moment for about 20 minutes and then carried on with the rest of the first half. At the real half time the rain came again and did not stop so we called it a day..............


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We did Boarshurst march contest about 6 weeks ago, the heavens opened just before we marched. It was a deluge that went on non-stop all the way through our road march, hymn tune and contest march, we all got absolutely soaked. Still won though :)

I remember getting drenched at Brighouse a couple of years ago too.


Most recent one for me would have to be the 'Pre-result concert' at Brighouse March Contest 2006, I was depping for Lindley and we were relatively dry until the concert started, several bars into the piece the darkness (not the group!) appeared and then emptied its load all over us! We bravely and stupidly carried on even with music turning to its raw pulp state. Some really helpful people brought brollies which covered the intended players but drenched others, equality - pah! We finished the piece amidst a severe electrical storm and numerous ever-so witty and ale fuelled suggestions for repertoire! Hence charged an extra fiver!! Think my snowiest job was last year's NW Area when the initial home - bandroom journey was about an hour rather than ten or so minutes and Blackpool looked more like North Pole (not so many short skirted banding lasses that day!!) Oh yeh, wet Whit Fridays are an absolute pain in the .........


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Not my wettest, but certainly the wettest I have ever seen.
Many moons ago, a visiting band was at Sheringham, and they insisted on doing a march through the town despite there being a 'light breeze'. As they went down the High Street and round by the sea wall, a wave broke just at the right/wrong time and over the wall came a great spray of good healthy North Norfolk sea water.
Give them their due though, they bravely carried on.


Seriously, a few players from Vernon BS Poynton helped out at the Mobberley Rose Queen a few years back. The heavens opened! We were drenched. People stood around us holding umbrellas but to no avail. The dancers on the make shift stage were slipping all over the place. What a job that was! Never again.


Seriously, a few players from Vernon BS Poynton helped out at the Mobberley Rose Queen a few years back. The heavens opened! We were drenched. People stood around us holding umbrellas but to no avail. The dancers on the make shift stage were slipping all over the place. What a job that was! Never again.
I did that job! I really have never been so wet in all my life! Not only did we get soaked on the march but they then insisted we play a full concert in a torrential downpour. I could only have been wetter if I'd have jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed! :) Fun!


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A friend asked me if I would help out Carr brook band. "£25" he said,"2 hours" he said, "you would be mad not to" he said.... so I did. There I am, sat in Dukinfield park thinking "Mmm... looks a tad overcast but the rain should hold off!"
They started the afternoon with a rousing opener.... The heavens flipping opened... the tempo got faster....and faster...my hair goo started to run in my eyes... faster,faster... Feck it just run!!
Later when a very nice young man asked about my expenses I mulled over the morality of charging £25 for playing 76 trombones.... I took a tenner for the ruined hair and vowed never to play outdoors again!!!


Unfortunatly we have had to cancel our concert today as well the weather is just unbelievable at the moment!!!!


years ago i was playing at boughton on the water, playing a selection that contained the piece 'stormy weather'.... and sure enough the heavens opened and stayed open :(