What's your job?


Will start this thread with the usual apology in advance if this has been done before.

What are the occupations of all of us tMPers out there? I know that we have a good number of teachers (a "school" of teachers I suppose?) , the wonderful DMBabe is a nurse, and of course we have our very own resident sausage-maker - what other jobs are represented? Anyone had any interestng / enjoyable / horrific Saturday or student jobs?

I started off in banking many moons ago, made redundant from a branch managerial post in '92 and have spent the time since in the automotive finance sector, either as Business Manager in a dealership (as now) or with a finance house. A wee change from my Saturday / holiday job - in a butcher's shop, 8.30 - 6pm for £3.50 .....per day!!

Bass Trumpet

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Oh, I've had some dreadful holiday jobs - mostly agricultural and involving breaking my back for the minimum wage (£2.50 ph when I was eighteen). Another interesting job was working in an off-licence in Dartford where my first customer was armed with a handgun!

For the past 12 years I've been a freelance musician. Now, that's rather different from some of the 'freelancers' in the banding world - you know the ones, won't commit to a band but 'help out' for vast sums of cash. Freelance orchestral players are simply ones not connected to one particular orchestra but have a number of different orchestras where they are used a regular deps or when extra players are required.

As well as trombone, I specialise in the Bass Trumpet (hence my user name), euphonium and anything else low brassy and unusual! Despite the huge numbers of very capable brass band euph players around, orchestral playing is a different ball game entirely, so while I can't rattle off Pantomime very quickly, I am lucky to be the first choice euph player for most London orchestras. The bass trumpet, on the other hand, is the invention of the devil himself and I'm the only one around who is dull enough to have spent years learning it properly!

Since 1996, I've also done my fair share of peri work for Cambridgeshire schools and also for Anglia Ruskin University, Colchester Institute and as Euphonium instructor for the RAF. I'm not doing much teaching now - my last private student has just been offered a place at Trinity College of Music, so I'm quite happy to pass her on! However, I have just been offered the post of Professor of Euphonium at another London music college.

So, in answer to your question, that's what I do! It's probably one of the more long-winded answers you're going to get, but I suppose I might be a bit difficult to pin down!

Oh, and I conduct City of Cambridge band and do a bit of arranging too!


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I'm 37 and have only had 3 jobs. (Quite reflective of my banding too i suppose).
A restaurant for 5 years. A few being a driving instructor (hated it!!!!! Simply hated it), and working for her maj in the prison service for the last 13 (and very proud to be).
What do you lot do? This could be very interesting. :clap:

John Brooks

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I'm 37 and have only had 3 jobs.
I'm 63 and also have only had three jobs! I started out in London (Queen Street) with a shipping and forwarding agent; came to Canada and worked in a factory for a year before returning to the world of international shipping as a customs broker, where I'm in my 43rd year! I'm also a director of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers.


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Leaving school, I spent three and a half years in the Coldstream Guards Band before buying myself out to enter the Salvation Army's training college at Denmark Hill. Following commissioning as full-time ministers, my wife and I spent 18 years working within the Social Services department, mainly in residential work.

Since 1996 I have worked in Security in various buildings in the West End and City of London, currently manning the reception desk at a German bank just by Moorgate.

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Since leaving school a 18 I've earned at least some of my living as a musician - RCT Staff Band, Music Teacher, Conductor/Band Trainer, Jazz Musician, Composer/Arranger.
To supplement I've had a few Full/Part Time jobs including working in accounts depts. Parrot Training, Snake Handling and now I'm a Media Distribution Executive (work it out).
I started teaching after obtaining my music degree, then gravitated toward playing professionally in symphonies, dixieland and dance bands. After a time, I went on the road as a circus musician, and worked horses, camels and elephants, became a ringmaster, then circus owner. I was in in six movies as an animal wrangler, was a horse trainer for a number of places, and now I am once again a music teacher, ironically, in the same school I started.


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Apart from being the only vegetarian in a MacDonalds store for two years during Uni, my main job has been a Music Teacher, and as of 1st of September - Head of Music!

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Did a degree in History at uni , graduating in the midddle of the last recession ( 1991 ) and so spent a couple of years doing a variety of jobs , mostly agricultural.

Decided to train as an RMN ( Mental Health nurse ) during which time I spent some time on a general hospital ward and enjoyed it so much I switched to the RGN course.

Qualified in 96 and worked in Coronary Care for three years in the local DGH before switching to Intensive Care , gave it another year there before deciding to move to a London teaching hospital. Worked in a large general ICU and then a smaller cardiac ICU where I was mostly in charge of education . Short secondment to A and E and then I was a Charge Nurse running a fairly large cardio-thoracic surgical ward that specialised in grown-up congenital heart conditions.

Did that for five years and now at Trust HQ as Clinical Procurement lead - esentially making sure that the bean counters don't saddle the troops at the front with dodgy kit just cos its cheap and also working on contracts and tenders. Many hours of fun in the last few weeks & months as I've been in charge of the procurement element of our response to Mexican piggy flu of DEATH , and we expect the second wave to hit in about two / three weeks !

David Mann

Did a degree in Polymer Science and Technology while working at Dunlop in Manchester. Worked as an industrial chemist until I crossed to the dark side and have worked in sales for the last twenty-odd years. Currently selling injection mouldable rubber for British Vita. If you don't know what that is (and why would you) it's the kind of product used to make rubbery bits on toothbrushes, car parts etc.


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Currently working as a male escort down at the Castleford retreat for partially sighted retired ladies.
Gawd how I laughed at that Steve.
I read it to Mrs W and I was gobsmacked as, unusual for Mrs W, she actually laughed out loud and was virtually overcome with mirth.
She wants to know if you do house calls and she would appreciate a list of charges for your various services.

Nice to to see you back on here by the way.

- Y(Retired) BB


i'm Chief BioMedical Scientist in Department of Microbiology and Infectious Disease, try putting that in the "occupation box" when looking for car insurance! 34 years in NHS.


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I went to university for a couple of years (intending to eventually become a lawyer), made some very bad choices and ran out of money after the second year.

Then I was an apprentice plumber for about 18 months. This was dreadful for me, and I eventually got sacked (after working very hard to make that happen:)).

Next, I went to computer school, where I found my niche. Have been a software developer since 1987, starting off on mainframes and gradually moving into web-based software.

I'm currently working as a senior software developer for a large health care company.


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I went to the Conservatoire straight from school...then promptly got a job working for a data imaging company....then left there and went to work for Barclays Bank (dealing with Premier Account holders and all their preciousness)....then left there and went to work for West Midlands Police as a Crown Court/Police Liaison Officer (I loved this job)...then left there and came home for 7 years! (I am now a full-time mommy/cleaner/entertainments manager/events organiser/personal dresser/cook/audience/laundry assistant/educator/artist/painter and decorator/economist/general secretary etc etc etc).