Whats your favourite non-brass instrument?

Fave non-brass instrument

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Just wondering what peoples fave non-brass instruments are...mine is the clarinet, gorgeous tone especially when in the low register. Also love the cello, tried playing it but gave up...sore fingers


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TheMusicMan said:
:eek: :shock: :eek: :eek: what, no Synth to select in the poll...!!!!! Disgraceful... simply disgraceful... :wink:

LOL...well surely you can always add it to the list :wink:


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flugelgal said:
There are non-brass instruments? :shock:

Says the person who...

Granite City Band Web-site said:
"Started musical career with recorder at age 7. Took private lessons and did various practical and theory exams. Moved onto clarinet..."

:roll: :shock: :wink:

Really Kirsty you disappoint me... :wink:


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Although i am not much of a string fan, a full string section with brilliant melody can send send shivers down your spine.
I love woodwind! Especially oboe, cor anglais (when played well) and BASSOON!!!! The clarinet's ok, and although I like the nice flute solo within a symphony now and again, I find a flute concerto rather monotonous cos the tone doesn't really vary much. This is my un-professional opinion! Oh I like Spanish guitar too.


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I can't vote 'cos my all-time favourite non-brass isn't there.

I have to confess I'm a member of BLA - Bassoon Lovers Anonymous.

Listening to the bassoon is almost as good as sex.

If I had to choose a string it would be cello, but I'd rather not.

BTW I absolutely hate, loathe and despise the piano.


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Well I voted for cello. Just because of the sound.

(Just like Kirsty actually. Well I suppose us Flugels have to stick together)

Naomi McFadyen

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Cant vote.... Saxophone isnt on the list! :roll:
I also like clarinet.... and play both of these as well, just not at the same time and not at 11.26 at night! :lol:
There are SO many non brass instruments out there!!!
Of course, percussion is pretty good too ;-) and cello is luuuuuuuuurverly..... and synth sounds great....... and... well, i could go on a while!


Apart from percussion, I'd say organ. So many sounds, and can be added effectively to a range of ensembles. Also it's very loud (very very loud in the case of the one at Symphony Hall*) which is also good.

* Recently did a concert there where the orchestra I was playing for did the finale from the Saint Saens Organ Symphony. Organist (rightly so I feel) did play rather loud at times.

Okiedokie of Oz

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Well I majored on Tenor and Bari sax at uni............ :oops:

I love a clarinet when played well, hence my vote. Don't mind bassoon either, but not as mad about it as I could be. Maybe it's just bassoonists I have a thing against, as 3 have propositioned me over the years. The scary part? Only one was a girl...........maybe that's the real reason the Italians gave it the name they did???? :wink: :?:

Power Tooba

Piccolos sound good when they flutter away on top of a march in a wind band. but other than that it's got to be strictly Brass :!:

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