What's your favourite game?

Was discussing with my mates what is the best game ever?
My personal favourite is hungry, hungry hippos! :p Although twister and charades are always good for a laugh! :lol

How about you :?:

The Cornet King

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Has to be Mouse Trap :D

You try trap the mouse and the silly mechanism doesnt work, then when it does its absolutely fab! :D

Great game...classic...brill :D



Uno Extreme is fantastic - it's like normal Uno but instead of taking a card or two from the pack when necessary, you press a button on a dealing machine which may, or may not, spit out a random number of cards at you. My kids nearly wet themselves laughing each time (and so do I :oops: !)


Bit boring really...but I love Scrabble-especially the rows that go with it when trying to place "wrytxinsz" as a word!
Also recommened after a few scoops of vodka! :D
Can't stand Cluedo though.


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Can't remeber what it was called, but everyone had one!
that game were u need t get a ball round a like jungle course - and there was mazes , wobly bridges and sprigy things - brilliant

Big Twigge

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What more can I say than Monopoly (in various different languages...Welsh, Greek, Dutch, what fun to be had :? )


I must say I love Pictionary, especially good when people can't even draw a stick man!!!!!! :lol: I also got a drinking game For christmas, what fun we had with that!!!!!!!


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Draughts, but use shots instead of pieces and drink them when ever someone takes your piece. Especially good when you tak five of someones pieces in one go! Rummage is another good one, where you have to collect things begining with a certain letter from a certain room in someones house and end up with your house contents on the lounge floor. I still like the playgroung classic kiss chase but the police keep telling me its now called rape!!!!


I have to say monopoly too however, just to be a touch nerdy I like the Star Wars edition,

Still can't win though...but I will!

Let the Wooky win!


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Fave game isn't a board game but an old 80s arcade game called Gyruss. Me and a mate used to be able to keep one game going all afternoon on a single 10p until we got banned from playing it :D

Big Twigge

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jambo said:
Still can't win though...but I will!
The secret is to convince the littlest person playing (a little sister is a good example) that Old Kent Road(or equivilant on Star Wars :? ) is the best property on the board. Buy it yourself and then sell it to her for about £500 and also stealing money from the bank helps :twisted: :twisted:
Trivial Pursuits especially after a few drinks and you tell the person just about to win that they have the wrong answer and the rule for the game is that no one else gets to see the answers :oops:


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There used to be a game called Grape Escape, where all the pieces were made out of Play-doh, and you moved around the bored avoiding various traps, where your play-doh piece, could be mashed into oblivion! lol! :lol:
Was a great game!


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Hahaha I can vouch that Jambo canny win Star Wars monopoly, not even when he creates an alliance with other players :lol: :lol: :lol:

I also like Scrabble, my mum and dad's got the deluxe edition, on a turning table and the letters slot into little spaces- none of that "sliding letters" syndrome!!!

I also liked "Operation", and always wanted Screwball Scramble but never ever got it!

Games are boss!!
drinkalot said:
I must say I love Pictionary, especially good when people can't even draw a stick man!!!!!! :lol: I also got a drinking game For christmas, what fun we had with that!!!!!!!

yeah! how to get a pub of drunk farmers to play spin the bottle...Great New Year.. I love those drinking games :D

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