Whats your favorite Arban exercise?

scott clark

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Having just started doing a few exercises in the Arban tutor book i was just wondering has anyone got a particular favorite


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I always enjoyed :wink: running scales, regardless of the exercise book they came from.

Characteristic Study 4 is a good one, if you can play it. :grnsm


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My faves are prep exercises for Grupetto (great for lip flex if you slur them all) and study no. 13 for stamina and building up the finger muscles!


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my favourite is the one were you limber up.............................

and through it as far as you can :lol:


"Arban" and "favourite" dont go in the same sentence!!! :shock:

i know they're really good, productive exercises but i just don't enjoy them. could be something to do with my teachers favourite phrase "so if we just say you do a couple of pages a day ok?"

they take aaages!
do all the lip slurs everyday then modulate to every single key posible, and do the same with the interval jupms, sluring every second excersise....

the oral equivalent of a bodybuilders gym work-out

nothing like it to build up super chops
I used to find practicing the Arban really boring to but i don't now for some reason! I think it helps to have a rest from it every couple of days, knowing you have to do something regardless of whether you want to or not can make you hate it! :)
Out of the 14 studies @ the back, 2, 3, 6 , 7 & 9 are my favorites


I read the Arban like a newspaper-from back to front :lol:
Maybe if I read it properly I'd be able to play the stuff at the back :oops:


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Just finished a rehearsal and realise I need to work on p106 :cry:
One of my favourite excercises - NOT.
Hard work and I don't like hard work but when needs must. :lol:

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