What's your Christmas name?


Haha, that's quality!!! My name is

Trumpy Pretty-Bonbons!

Thta's also my sister's name (must be confusing for santa, explains the lack of presents tho!) and my brothers are called floppy and gorgeous pretty-bonbons, sure they'd be well chuffed to hear that!! :lol:


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Dave Payn said:
Smiley Bunny-Pie!

Why am I instantly thinking of the film Fatal Attraction? :wink:
But the bunny in Fatal Attraction wasn't smiling, Dave! :cry:

Dave Payn

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Some famous names

Tony Blair Giggley Fluffy-Cheeks
Ulrika Jonsson Dippy Turkey-Pie (That's about right)
Margaret Thatcher Scrummy Floppy-Cheeks
Jeremy Clarkson Podgy mince-pie-Pie (About right again)
Anne Robinson Fuzzy Brandy-butter Pie
Charlotte Church Cuddly Mince-pie Stockings
Arsene Wenger Fuzzy Snotty-Cheeks
Clive Woodward Cuddly Snotty-Gnome
Ricky Gervais Loveable Chilly-Elf
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

...Wriggly Bunny-pie.

Not sure I like the sound of that! I tried being Sam and Samantha but it knew I was the same person. :shock:

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