Whats the worst treatment thats happened to you in banding?


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Someone pretending to be your friend so just to get you out of the band to gain control.
I've been in banding for 25 loyal years and hardly missed a practice.
Last year, two and a bit months before the regionals I could not attend rehearsals for work reasons. On my second missed week another player
was in my seat. He only lasted one practice. By my fourth missed week another player was signed up. And guess what - no one bothered to tell me even though they new I wouldn't be there for four weeks!
It wouldn't have hurt so much if the player could play the part.
But to add the icing to the cake, one week before the contest I was asked to play bass (I play the horn). I wasn't capable of doing this at such short notice. Guess what happened to the new horn player?? He left a few weeks after the contest. Just as well I didn't leave. Almost a year down the line, like a true bandsman, still in the same band, still the same
seat, been a few more incidents. But now losing interest in the band fast. I was never brought up to treat people like this! I now feel I have wasted 25 years playing in the wrong band but having difficulty freeing myself of loyalty.

James McFadyen

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bum deal!!!!

I certainly wouldn't put up with that with a band, if they'd do that to me I certainly tell them where they can shove it! :wink:
If you're loosing interest in the band, and you're not enoying it anymore, then leave. I would. It's a hobby not a chore, and obvoiusly work commitments come first. You get paid for working, you don't at band.
Really sorry to hear that you're feeling so despondant. Just remember that you're the loyal and committed one. You could perhaps raise the subject with the necessary personnel within the band. It's really important to communicate - if they know how you feel perhaps they will be a little more sensitive. After 25 years they won't want to loose you.
Good luck with it all.

Okiedokie of Oz

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Sounds like you have the rough end of the stick mate. Stay positive, the conductor probably appreciates you in ways he doesn't acknoledge.

Here's another one for the tMP Psychologists -
How would all you conductors feel if your band starting resigning on the runup to a contest THEY demanded we go to?

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