What's the most listenable test piece ever?


I'm a big fan of Dimensions by Peter Graham. I think Music For A Festival is a cracker too, especially the slow movement.

The Cornet King

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I reckon Year of the Dragon...

That middle movement Trom solo is just beautiful... :D

Whole piece is fab...could listen to it all day!



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Essence of Time,
Pagannini Var,
and Rhapsody in Brass - an oldie, but it's my favourite! Anyone else like Rhapsody in Brass, or is it just me?

Okiedokie of Oz

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Oregon by Jacob de Haan is a classic for C grade (3rd section I think???)

And on Monday, I played a recording of Haslemere Suite (thanks for telling me where to find it Peter!!) for my band and they thought it was brilliant!! As it's our test pice for next year, that should be an encouraging sign!


Test pieces I never get sick of hearing?

Tallis Variations
Variations on an Enigma
...Dove Descending
Harrison's Dream
there are loads of lovely test pieces.....

Prague (cough)...

Sorry.... No, really...

Pagannini Var.
Land of the Long White Cloud
Ballet for Band
the Planets/Enigma (do orchestral arrangements count?)

i like Dimensions too. Easy listening.


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All of the above!

I adore Rhapsody in Brass - its a real shame Dean Goffin didn't write more. For sheer listening pleasure though, I'd go with Mark on the descriptive pieces... Blitz, Cloudcatcher etc.


Already mentioned in another thread but I like from the 4th section:
  • Lydian Pictures
    Haslemere Suite
and I also like Paganinni Variations from other sections. Not much experience in these sections as I don't spend a lot of time listening to test pieces unless I have to play them :)

Ooh, ooh, just thought of another good 'un; Suite Gothique.

Cheers, Greg.


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For me my fav pieces to listen to are Paganini Variations, Harrisons Dream, Tristan Encounters, Resurgam and Journey into Freedom


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My faves are:

Paganini Var. (I love the slow part)
Suite Gothique.
Rhapsody for brass.

Spectrum is fun to play, but not one I could listen to for ages and ages.......

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