What's in a name?


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EvilDaddyBadger used to work with a guy whose surname was Aughtie. He called his first son Evan....apparretnly it was deliberate as well.
"Hotlips Hallihan Badger"


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I have mentioned this before but we have a supplier at work whose name is Reginald Perrin :lol:

And when expecting their first child my brother and sister-in-law were seriously considering Thomas as a name. Good name that, until you shorten it to Tom and pair it with my surname. If you say them together quickly and drop the "H" from "Hayto" as we do around here........


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After 3 kids our mum and dad were getting a bit low on names and in a fit of pregnancy madness mother announced she would be calling the 4th on Salliann Hallihan...


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Apparently (not sure if this is a rumour or not) there is supposed to be 2 kids living in our area called Eider & Neil Down.... i mean why? they have seriously got to have parents with a very warped sense of humour
Never had difficulties overall.Just occasionally people getting the vowel wrong in my first name. I suspect they're trying to be offensive?
When I was at school there were two prefects with strange names. One was called R.C.Bottom,the other M.I.Kutas.I was often in detention!
There's a company down here called WK Electronics. The W stands for Wayne, and the K stands for... well this is their website if you can't guess! :lol:


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Sam Atherton said:
There's a company down here called WK Electronics. The W stands for Wayne, and the K stands for... well this is their website if you can't guess! :lol:

Which reminds me of the story of Wang Computers, who had to be persuaded to change their company motto - it used to read
Wang Cares

I kid you not!
x_lizc_x said:
I've been registered with the college as Liz Courts somehow, which means I have to go around informing all the exam boards to change my first name to Elizabeth...

I have that problem as well, its even worse when people send you a cheque made out to Miss L and not Miss E as the banks are sometimes really fussy.

People always have a problem with my surname "Boulby". Its gets spelt and pronounced so many ways..
I get really annoyed when people laugh at it though.

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Back in the early 90s Benefits Agnecy offices in Dartford, Orpington and Sevenoaks became a "district".

After some debate they decided on a name for the district that people in all three areas could relate to.

The decided to call it "West and North Kent" District, but not for long... ... ... ...


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Whats in a name

I frequently get both my christian and surname spelt wrong

CLARE is usually spelt Clair or Claire


FAWCETT gets spelt Forset/Forsett/Faucet and some really obscure ways which leads me to think that the majority of the population are dyslexic.

The most infuriating though is when I am speaking to some muppet in a call centre who thinks they are being clever when they ask whether FAWCETT is spelt "as in tap". This is when I really get my hair off and my own back and say "no idiot, as in Farah Fawcett".

Trouble is it seems that most call centre staff are really, really young and have never heard of Farah Fawcett anyway so it starts all over again!!!!

No offence to anybody who works in a call centre intended!! :wink:


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Local government seems to be prone to these acrimonious acronyms. When Records of Achievement first came out, Cheshire education had the delightful:

Cheshire Records of Achievement Project

This actually made it into print!
This is a great topic. It amuses me greatly when people say things like "everyone puts an n on the end" or some such. Makes no sense when you look at their user name and discover its dwarf poodle or something. Can I suggest that you let we uninitiated ones know your name before bemoaning our inability to spell it!!! Incidentally, I haven't got enough time to give you the variations on McLaughlin I've had over the years.

Oh yes and when I played in the Dundee Schools Orchestra we had on 1st trumpet Christine Will, on 2nd trumpet Ross Wood, on 1st clarinet Ben Khan and on 2nd clarinet Elaine Cant (I kid you not!!)

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