What's in a name?

Liz Courts

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Wow, one of my friends is called Vicky Reynolds, and if you ignore the i/y difference, I think we've found name twins...!! :roll: :D

I want one!

Liz Courts

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I've been registered with the college as Liz Courts somehow, which means I have to go around informing all the exam boards to change my first name to Elizabeth...

...I've had one certificate back so far, and it reads:

"This is to certify that Liz Courts..." :roll: :roll: :roll:

2nd man down

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dyl said:
Have people ever had a problem with your surname then Crawford? Please tell me something similar to this has happened to you:

Voice on other end of 'phone: "Surname?"
Crawford: "Howe"
Voice: "I dunno, perhaps using your voice."

I'll get my coat.....................


There's a college round the corner from where I work and in the same complex there's the Alec Beevers Centre.
Can you imagine how his job interviews went?? :shock:
"Alec Beevers"
"I don't care about that, what's your name??"


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I reckon 50% of the new mail I get has my Sirname spelt wrongly. Common spellings are: Hayton, Hato, Hatto, Haytoe, Haytow, Ayto, Haynes (!) Aytto - the list is endless.

Phone calls to insurance compainies, banks etc usually go something like:

"my name is Hayto - H-A-Y-T-O"
..."no Hayto"
..."it's H-A-Y-T-O"
..."no H.....A.....Y....T....O"
..."no there's no N on the end"
..."you missed the Y" :roll:
..."*sigh* no it's not Japanese"

the best spelling I ever come across though was when I was dealing with a supplier for work once, the person I was dealing with was very concerned about getting my name correct, spelling it out several times before she was satisfied. When a fax came through from them it was adressed to:

Ean Hayto :twisted:


i guess i've been quite lucky so far, in that most people i've met know how to spell Louise and Amy and Wright, but there are people who try and spell it Aimee, and the occassional typo that spells it Lousie (Lucy), which is actually quite a cool name, if it weren't so wrong!

And i've noticed when ever i say that my surname is Wright, people always say "is that with a W?" It's not that annoying, as at least then they spell it right, but it's just weird that everyone says it exactly like that.


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louise0502 said:
And i've noticed when ever i say that my surname is Wright, people always say "is that with a W?" It's not that annoying, as at least then they spell it right, but it's just weird that everyone says it exactly like that.

But surely you want them to spell it "Wright"?

My turn to get my coat... :?


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My name is Katy.......with A Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people always spell it with ie and it drives me up the wall! And no, i'm not a Katherine, Katy is my actual real official name - not a nickname.


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If I ever use my full first name I know, because it is sod's law that it will get spelled Micheal. I find this really infuriating, because it's one of the most common boys names.

I actually taught (sorry, a bit optimistic there - 'shared a room with' is more accurate) a pupil at my school whose parents were so illiterate that they had christened him with the wrong spelling and it was on his birth certificate. I hated having to read that boy's name out when I took the register.

That's Wigan for you :roll: - shallow end of the gene pool or what!


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I don't really have much of a problem with my name (Catherine) just the obvious question of how to spell it

etc etc etc....


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I met someone who was a teacher in Leeds and her most memorable kids were Jamie, spelled J-A-M-M-I-E, and poor little Siobhan whose parents had only ever seen the name written down and pronounced it exactly how it looks in English - Seeoban.

I also know a toddler called Tiana, which is Japanese for something but her parents didn't know what.... "gullible foreign devil", perhaps?

BMB ( I was supposed to be called Iona, but my dad was overruled on the grounds that no-one would be able to spell it or say it...)


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My niece's second name is Niamh. I remember when my Gran first saw it written down she said: "Neeam? Isn't that a boys name?" oh well!

Best one I have seen is a poor little girl called chardonnay spelt "Shadoney" poor lass the name is bad enough (damn footballers wives) but to have it written like that?

I shall call all my children bob.


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Someone I used to work with had friends with the surname 'Pipe'.

When they had a baby boy they named the poor kid Dwayne.

Some parents just haven't got any sense of compassion :shock: :shock: :roll:


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mines not so bad (samantha aka sam) but my half sister has problems.
she is only 2, but none of my faily can spell her name rite when it comes to birthday cards and the like.

its ashlee....
other variations:


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Here are two amusing stories concerning names.

The manager of SUNWIN HOUSE, which is a United Coop Dept Store, wrote to a company requesting some information. He received a reply addressed to MR S. HOUSE! :lol:

A friend of mine ordered a publication, and the first line of her address is MAPLE COURT. She received the publication, addressed to......MRS M. COURT! :lol:


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