Whatever happened to...


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... The Diary Room??? Hasn't been used since last month. Has there been a communications breakdown between BOC Bro and the Housemates...?



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Well I suggest you start behaving yourselves! After all, BOC Bro has control of food going into the house... :twisted:


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I thought it mite have gotten used over the last few days, but nope, i think hes forgotten about it.

2nd man down

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we're on a roll tho!! have faith li'll dude, I don't think there's anything BOC Bro can throw at us now that we can't conquer!! Besides, this is now the house of Payn! :wink: What he doesn't know isn't worth knowing. A true BOC among BOC's!!


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I thought you guys had nailed the diary room door shut, or flooded the hallway outside it or something, given your penchant for damaging stuff in there! :lol:

I wouldn't worry about the tasks anymore though - I can't even begin to think of a way BB can outboc the Payn! :wink:

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