Whatever happened to........................

2nd man down

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WhatSharp? said:
impycornet said:
& Chorlton & the Wheelies,
Hill Street Blues
That 'popping'/crackling Sherbet stuff ( what was that called )
Jamie & the Magic Torch

etc etc


you can still get it in other forms, I remeber giving some to the Dog, drove him nuts!

That just reminded me...Spacedust!! That was fantastic stuff!! Me and my brother did the same thing with our alsatian, You've never seen anything funnier!!

dave jake

F Troop
Garrison s Guerillas
No Hiding Place

and from the goody shop Dainty Bars and penny Arrow bars :roll:


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2nd man down said:
How about...Dyl alive and kicking in the tMP Death in the Box murder mystery???

Aaaah, those were the days!! :wink:
What is this? Pick on Dyl day or something? :twisted:


Straightmute said:
amgray said:
Robinson Crusoe (c.1963 b&w version) every half term holiday

I can still sing the music!

You and me both!!
Any idea what it was - Phonetic(ish) one vowel per beat (De da da De de da De de de De de de, De da da De de da Da do da Da da da......)

BTW, we ARE the same age so unless electricity and electric light etc were very late coming to Lancaster-shire.........
Mojos (1/2p sweets)
Cabana (tropical chocalte)
Zest (lemonade)
South Sea Lemon (made by Ben Shaws)
Thingy (kind of ice cream loads of different colours covered in chocolate)
Cider Lollies
Cherry Brandy lollies
Rainbow drops
Dungeons and Dragons was fab
Battle of the Planets
Lets Pretend
Jolly Ranchers
Blummin' awful film that we were made to watch every year on St Patrick's day (I went to a catholic school) called 'Flight of the Dove'
Metal Mickey
Words and Pictures
I too have a Blue Peter badge which I got in 1992 when the NYBBGB played on the show. Andy Cattanach, Philip Harper, Brett Baker, Tracey Redfern, Bed Godfrey, Michelle Ibbotson, Richard Dyson, Natalie Beere were all in the band as well. Awesome!


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Cans of Top Deck!

And acting drunk as a youngster after necking a can of their 'shandy' or 'lager & lime'! Also doing the same after eating those small 'beer bottle' sweets. :oops:


Cresta : Its frothy, man !


PS The Robinson Crusoe theme has been on Desert Island Disks in the last couple of weeks - so you're not alone in remembering / liking the music. (Can't remember who it was...)

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