What will you carry on stage?

What will you carry on stage at your upcoming contest? Anything for good luck or emergency repairs? Also, do you take an accessory bag, or do you manage to grip it all with your bare hands? Our contest is not until mid-April...but here's my list, so far:

*Music: Chorale, King Size (March), Northern Landscapes, Images for Brass
*Mutes: Straight, Cup
*Clip-on Mute Holder
*Large (16-ounce minimum) Water Bottle
*Al Cass Valve Oil
*Small Container of Lemon Juice (or other dry mouth remedy, if needed)
*Small Good Luck Charm (picture of dog, cat, or chimpanzee)

Please advise if I am forgetting anything. I would carry a flask of Granny's white lightnin'....but I fear the alcohol would only make my mouth even more dry. I pledge to make up for it afterwards in the pub, though.

Cheers and yee-haw,

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
Perc Equipment for Tristan:
kit bass drum... with two mounted toms
12" tom on stand
floor tom on stand
2 suspended cymbals on stands, one with temple blocks on them
Xylo sticks
soft sticks
Snare Drum on stand...

...everything else will be provided (timps, glock, xylo, wind chimes, concert BD...)


Edit: MUSIC!!!!!!


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just stick bag n music for me! everythin else is already provided! Ray really helps percussionists!!! :)
That's quite a list! Surely you're going to need some sort of suitcase for that lot?

My list for our areas goes...
*Music - Vizcaya
*Random percussion item (who says cornet players never help!)

I'm thinking the white lightnin' might be a good idea, not necessarily before the performance, but it could help with the long journey off stage afterwards! :D Now, where can I get some from...


me, myself and I (oh, and my sticks and the rest of the band)....Ray is providing everything down to the last bell for tristan, so why bother yourself trying to make sure everything gets back on the bus!

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
I like to take my own toms, cyms and snare drum etc for sake of we know they are good equipment, used to the sound and touch etc etc etc etc...
Still at lot of hassle though.

We considered a kit bass drum, but our tom-tom player decided to have flying lessons instead!
Sorry, off topic. I always take on stage more sticks than i need for fear of breaking or throwing one. Has happened before...
I'm a simple type of girl really (keep your comments to yourself Bagpuss) so it'll just be Horn and music for me. I'm sure that for the 11 minutes (or how ever long it is) I can forego water - will drink before I go on stage and will make sure that my valves are oiled prior to registration.
Small red and white stuffed cow. Not superstitious, but it's tradition!
Would take my mute as well, but I don't need it for Kaleidoscope!
edit: And small slide squirter bottle.

Also I generally wind up first on the stage dragging the chairs round to the right setup.
Towel, Snare drum on stand, cymbal and sticks

I got to the music first for Tristan, (Drummers will understand this)

Don't need a mouthpiece Dyl :wink:

Okiedokie of Oz

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Just a baton and Music....

oh, maybe myself......I normally don't get nervous but THIS YEAR I'M CONDUCTING!!! Worse, my opposition is my teacher!!!! :shock:
Just my trombone, Small Water Sprayer, Straight mute, music and mouthpiece.

Being a bass trombonist, that is about all that I can take with me for fear of leaving something behind or dropping things!

We are not generally the brightest of people! :p

Big Twigge

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mute, mouthpiece, music and instrument go without saying!

Not to carry on stage, but a must all the same.....am going to try my best to make sure I remember to get dressed in the morning

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