What was your fisrt Solo?


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yeah, you beacame a top quality flugel player, i took the other option and took up percussion!!

:lol: :lol:

Thirteen Ball

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McChambo said:
'The Way We Were' on flugel. I was about 17 at the time, which is probably quite old for your first stand up solo with a band.

I was 22. :shock:

Mind you, i've only been playing since I was 21. :oops:
First solo for me was "I Dont Know how to Love Him" from third cornet pne night when my Flugel player didnt show, :evil: , that would be when i was about 7. I also had to play "For Your Eyes Only" at the same concert as the Euphonium player bottled it and the conductor who was my teacher and dad made me stand up to play that as well. Thankfully it was a small church so all the old dears loved it! :D

Still going strong today so it obviously wasnt enough to put me off for ever!!


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My first Euphonium solo was Blaydon Races, first trombone solo was a big improv in either Green Onions or Malaguena with school big band.


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My first stand up solo was Rule Britannia by John Hartmann, which I did at the age of 15 after 2 years of playing the Euph. It was also one of my Grade 7 pieces- all of it went well, variations were tight, last variation zoomed along nicely but my tongue nearly dropped off, and then got to the last bar and missed the top C! ARGH! Lol! :lol:

blue euph

My first solo was Bless This House by May Brahe back in freshman year of college. My legs shook a lot and I choked on the climax hold on the high concert pitch Ab near the end :oops: :(

I've played it a bunch of times since then which went a lot better. The problem with that piece is trying to find a piano accompanimist at church who can handle the piano part.


My first solo was aged 8 with Holme Band Juniors at Netherthong Zion Chapel in 1972.
I played 'Old McDonald had a Farm' from 'Tune a day Book One', for the local old folks treat.
The scary thing is I can remember it all like it was yesterday!
By the way, I shook like a leaf so nothing has changed in 32 years really.


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Several weeks ago, I said that it was "The Joker" by Harold Moss. I must however correct myself, it was "Apollo" by Forest L Butchell. How could I forget the solo which gave me 1st place in the Army Junior Music Festival 1967, and 1st place in the Devon and Exeter Music Festival of the same year. Oh well, it's about time I entered something else I suppose.


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My first solo

I think, though it's in the dim and distant past that my first stand up was Bombastic Bombardon with the school band. I was only about 12 or 13 but I can still remember every note (including some cues I had to put in to keep the other basses in the right place!) if I shut my eyes.

I'm sure I have played both a brass and a wind band version of the Happy Hippo.

The most embarrasing solo I ever did was Bass in the Ballroom which I did from memory, wandering around the audience while I did it - until one day, for no real reason, I forgot the cue for coming out of the cadenza. I was at the far end of the hall and it must have taken 5 minutes to get back to the stand - it felt more like 5 years :oops: Has that happened to anyone else?
Mine was either I don't know how to love him, My Love is like a red red rose, Grandfathers Clock (air vari), Share My Yoke or High on A Hill. I have a strange feeling it was high on a hill though. I'm rubbish at remembering stuff! I can remember being nervous though!!!!

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First solo I ever played was "Rocked in the cradle of the deep", an old SA Eb bass solo which I played on tenor horn with piano accompaniment when I was 10 or 11.

First bass trombone solo was an old SA bass trombone solo with piano accompaniment which I played when I was 14, but I can't remember the title.

First solo with band accompaniment was "The Passing Years", another old SA bass trombone solo, played in 1995, aged 32. I obviously hadn't improved much in 18 years.


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My first was an arrangement of "Yankee Doodle" by H. Round I think! It scared the crap out of me cos it finished on a top C. (Well it was high for me at 12!)


Mine was Good ole Grandfathers Clock with my school band
Still have the recording (1985)
I remember it being a battle to keep with the band - they couldn't keep up with me of course :D


Mine was 'Drink to me only with thine eyes' when i was 11......came third with it aswell chuffed to bits i was!


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First solo I played with piano was Peace by John Golland, first solo with band was "The way we were" I think

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