What was your fisrt Solo?


When i played in my first big solo competition i was 14 and i played Robin Adair by John Hartmann at the East of Scotland Solos and I was 4th behind Katrina Marzella, Kay McKenzie and Caroline Munro and ive got progressively worse ever since. :roll:


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My first solo with piano accompaniment was 'He wipes the tear' . I was about 9 or 10. My first solo with band accompaniment was Eric Ball's Swiss melodies when I was about 15.


My first public solo with piano was The Holy City on cornet at The Reg Bravington Solo Contest in 1978. My first full band solo was Bless this House a year later. :p


My first solo at a slow melody was 'The Sunshine of her Smile' first with a band was 'For Your Eyes Only'

Many years later my first on horn was 'Goodbye to Love'

much cheese!!! :D


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Used to do loads in school concerts, much to my family's embarassment, used to knock over music stands, trip up steps and even knocked over a plant pot once!! 1st with a band was Carrickfergus with Stalybridge. Managed to knock the stand over at Dobcross and refused to take a bow!! Professionalism eh! :oops:


First "stand up on my own" solo:

Sonata VI by Galliard (I think it was VI). Scored for cello / bassoon and piano.

In a Salvation Army meeting (no, I wasn't in the SA) in Arlesford, Hants. I think I was 15. My teacher thought that playing in a place where there was a "friendly" audience and where I didn't know anyone would help me cope with my nerves. He was right.


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My first ever solo was an old piece called 'My Heart and I' at Heage slow Melody Contest in 1990? Don't think I won that one though so piece never saw light of day again! Was closely followed by Macushla. First with band was Iona I think (was a brow beaten horn player in those days before being reassigned to cornet!)

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Mine was a parents evening at school and with my music teacher on piano and myself on trumpet, I attempted to play most of Arban's Variations on a Tyrolean song (without the triple tonguing section!). What was funny though was I was sharing the bill with an experienced sixth former violinist. He played well enough but at one point when he made a mistake he shouted out 'Oh s**t!'

With a brass band? I think it might have been Nessun Dorma on flugel but I wouldn't swear to it!


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I think mine was "Tyrolean Tubas" with my school band when I was 11. The other 3 just stayed sat down and instead of a quartet it became a solo item!! My first with a real band was "Tuba Smarties" with Hebden Bridge Junior Band when I was 12... and that was more nerve-wracking than "Tyrolean Tubas"

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drunkandy said:
IThe other 3 just stayed sat down and instead of a quartet it became a solo item!!

That happened to me with 'The Merry Men,' which was a shame cos we had a really odd bass section. A little lad of 5ft 11 on the end, a lanky 6ft something chap with a beard in the middle, and a great bear of a bloke on the end (Only had 3 basses.) I'm sure it would've got a few laughs if we'd all stood up.

Anyone know any other bass section features for band?
mine was a euph solo, can't remember the name something to do with a flower an a colour, like red rose or something.
not quite sure!

i was about 8, an had to sit down cause my euphonium was too heavy for me!
Curiosity_Kills said:
The Happy Hippo on E flat
then The Bass in the Ballroom also on E flat

The Happy Hippo was my 2nd solo

I thought it was only a wind band piece though
Have you played it with brass band?


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My first with piano accompaniment was probably Cockles and Muscles and first with a band was either Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair or One Voice... Errmm I think


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Thinking back( a very long way!) my first solo with piano accomp' was during the schools' music festival and I played "Santa Lucia" on Tenor Horn. I remember playing it from top to bottom, and my adudicator wrote " George has a lovely sound, but the piece was far too short!" :shock:

I thought at the time that was long enough to be stood on stage in front of the entire school, which was very nerve racking!! :oops:

Needless to say, I did'nt win, I think my brother John beat me. :x

ps John get playing again bro' you know it makes sence :D


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First cornet was aged 13ish, He ain't heavy he's my brother with Music Centre Concert band in Hannover (germany)

First solo with Brass Band, aged 25, playing the "two imps" xylo solo at Morley town hall.


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McChambo said:
'The Way We Were' on flugel. I was about 17 at the time, which is probably quite old for your first stand up solo with a band. I just remember being very embarassed :oops: and not knowing where to look :roll:

I still feel the same 10 years on.

although i remember a really dodgy duet thing aged 17ish with Wakie college choir!!


LOL. How terrible were we? I spent such a long time practising that descant, just to play like a gibbering idiot in the performance.

I'd like to think that we've both matured as players since those early days Garry.


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