What was your fisrt Solo?

2nd man down

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I can't remember what my first solo part was, probably memory or something like that...but first stand up at the front of the stage solo was on my own, with no accompanyment whatso-ever, with all my family in the audience (including grandparents from Inverness), and I stood there and played (i use the word played in the loosest possible sense!!) rod stewarts "sailing" followed by er...my god, it's so long ago I can't remember!!
That had to be the toughest night of my life...I just blundered my way through it. Aah, those were the days...much happier as 2nd man down!


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My first solo was on Trombone and I played it at leicester, when my SA young people;s band went there for the w/e. It was 'The Old Drummer'.

The 2nd solo I played was also that w/e and that was 'The Priceless Gift'.

I remember them well, because the weekend before we went away, my dad had asked me if I had practiced my solos. I told him that I had. He then told me to play them. Ooooooooopppppssss, never lie to your dad!.

20 minutes later, cue one little 7 year old crying his eyes out, all because his dad went to see Norwich play without him, all to teach him a lesson :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Never missed a practice after that though :evil:

Rambo Chick

missflugel said:
Mine was the Flugel solo 'I dont know how to love him' when I was ten years old. I got thrown to the front of the stage to play it so the old ladies could sing along!! :oops:

Jo x

that was my first solo too!! ah the good ol' days!! :D


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I think mine was "My Ain Folk" but can't remember as it was quite some time ago... was on flugel anyway!


Give over! You love it! With you wandering amongst the audience all smoochy-like. :wink:

As well you know Alex! I do love it. Sheer unadulterated escapism!! If only the audiences knew what was going through my mind :eek: .

Anyway, about that bowl of tripe.......


I can't remember properly, but I would have been on horn at the time, and it would either be Lark in the Clear Air or Silver Threads Amongst the Gold.

My first solo on euph was actually written for band (I think) but was written in a way that we just presumed that it was a solo for Euphonium, called Che Faro, well, it worked anyway!!


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Mine was "Feelings" which I played with Royal Buckley Town Band when I was about 11 or 12 (can't remember :oops: )

Now Solo Horn with Ransomes, several years and bands later


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I think mine must have been the Peanut Vendor at Blackpool this year... probably the most hideous piece of music in living history... although I did play little donkey as part of a trombone duet when I was 10...

I'll play something musical one of these days... :?


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Being a relative newbie to the brass banding world (I started last summer) I've only ever played my one solo - "Somewhere over the Rainbow" although I have played it in our last 3 concerts (so I must be doing something right). Our MD has gratefully decided that I am to play this first solo at my first ever contest as well. No pressure... :hammer


Sicilliana and Giga.
What a classic.

I do believe that I have just murdered that in my first year exams!

My first solo was Solitaire. I will never play that again in my life. It's a dreadful solo!


My first Solo was "The Farmers Fair" on Eb Bass have since played "Breaking up is Hard to do" with 5 other basses and a Band...
Eb Bass
Nordvestjysk Brass Band
With a band - I can't remember the name of it. It wasn't anything special though.

Without - I think it was that opera-ey one that was grade 6 at the time I did grade 6.......gosh I can't remember. I remember doing a terrible viby viersion of Mozart's 4th horn concerto 3rd mvt, *hangs head in shame*


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Even though I have been Principal cornet twice I have never done a stand up solo but my first band solo was in Indian Summer the test piece.
I think my first stand up solo was the dodgy solo line in "Chanson D'Amour" with the Bon-Accord B Band at the age of 14. Classy stuff! I also recall a rather split-tastic rendition of "By the time I get to Phoenix" with the Bon-Accord Silver Band not long after in regensburg for a dodgy beer festival though - I seem to recall I was absolutely petrified to begin with and splattered it quite spectacularly but then had to play it later in the day after way too much underage beer drinking and it seemed to go really well! That was until I heard the recording.....