What was your fisrt Solo?

Thirteen Ball

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Just trawling aroung for thoughts really. Can't claim credit for the question. Owen, our 1st bari (And regular contributor) mentioned it in the pub on monday and I've been asking my banding mates ever since!

What was your first ever stand-up solo?

Mine was 'The Ploughboy' on Eb bass, recommended by Morgan Griffiths as 'steady away.' Didn't have the bottle to play it stood up on my own, :oops: so the BB player who taught me stood up and joined in first couple of times. After that, I took it on myself, and loved playing solos ever since.

Not that i'm really good enough to be a soloist. I think I'm just a showoff! :wink:

Over to you, the great and the good.


Mine was the Flugel solo 'I dont know how to love him' when I was ten years old. I got thrown to the front of the stage to play it so the old ladies could sing along!! :oops:

Jo x


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MIne was "the sunshine of your smile" when i was about 10-11 i'd guess and on 3rd cornet, i'm sure it was for the "aww" factor cos it must av sounded terrible!!


Damelza. I did it in tredegar park and it blew everywhere. Principal cornetist had to hold it on the stand for me. I forgot the pegs :!: :!:


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mine was silver threads amongst the gold :) at Blackrod Conservative Club or something like that!!!


Mine was 'Jesus Is Real To Me', when I was 8 and still in the Salvation Army. The first time I played it was an away weekend at Chelmsford.
My first ever solo was with a dance band at school, titled "what are you doing for the rest of your life" arranged by the Head of Music....nothin special but its quite a nice lil piece!


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My first solo was "The Lazy Trumpeter" when i was about 8 or 9. I still think the piece is great but unfortunately play trombone now so its really out of the question.


Mine was 'Toreador Song' from Carmen i was either 13 or 14, remember being really nervous thats all! think it went ok though


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My first solo was 'I dont kno how to love him' as well on flugal with the Gwent Couny youth band. My firstt horn solo was 'Over the rainbow' last year.
Soz for speeling i've come back from t'pub!4
sorry i speak a lie, I did some grade 2-3 pieces in a solo contest when i was about 13, but i can't for the life of me remember exactly what they were
Mine was A Tuba Smarties at some summer gala where nobody was listening.
This was a ploy of the conductors to get rid of some of my nerves before playing it in a proper concert

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First solo i ever did was 'The sun whose rays are all ablaze' from the Mikado. Arranged by the conductor of our old band.

First time i played it in public, was an absolute nightmare, splits galore. :oops: :oops:
Things only got better! :D

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We wish you a merry christmas, first verse solo (with no accompaniment) when I was little. First 'grown up' solo was theme from love story or Orange Juice, or maybe something else....am thinking now!


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stripybananas said:
My first ever solo was with a dance band at school, titled "what are you doing for the rest of your life" arranged by the Head of Music....nothin special but its quite a nice lil piece!

Cool Jazz track - got the Stan Kenton '76 tour tape. Wow!

Mine was "Forthy Fathoms" by Harold Walters, on BBb Bass, but since then I've done "Tuba Smarties" by Herbie Flowers and "Bass in the Ballroom" by Roy Newsome. Great fun! :lol:


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My first solo was George Marshall's "Ransomed", that I played on baritone at the only solo competition I've ever entered on brass. Never did any more contests as I left Coventry Festival Band to sign up, and have been involved in SA bands since.
My first solo was "The Weidekher" in Rochdale Music Festival when I was 13 and I was TERRIFIED!!!! :shock: But I won :bounce ahh, them were the days! dead cute little fancy cornet solo for young 'uns! Classic for things like GCSE!

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