What 'Trumpet' to buy?

:D Hi folks, jumping on the bandwagon a bit here (no pun intended!)

I'd really like to buy a trumpet out here as they are very reasonable indeed, but having had virtually no experience of them have no idea at all what to get, aside from it being Bb as apose to C, I would appreciate any help? :p

Still haven't heard anything from the Bugis Band but am still hopeful, for anyone who read my earlier messages!!! :dunno What did I do I wonder???? :cry: :cry: :cry:


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Really depends on how much you want to spend.

At the top of the range you have the infamous Bach Stad and Schilke's (Though until recently I had a Sovereign Trumpet which was a wonderful instrument).

Not sure about the sub £800 market.


Bach Strads are wicked instruments (but they should be for the price) Also depends what you want to do with it - classical trumpet, jazz trumpet etc - Yamaha seems a more all round trumpet as far as bore and sound goes (cheaper too) but the one i had left more laquer on your hands than the trumpet.... dont know if thats still an issue though.

Lad in my band has a Besson 600 trumpet. Valves are ok (SHOCK) and its in tune with itself so...

Only trumpet i got now is a Boosey and Hawkes Imperial - great instrument, but i think a Sherman Tank would weigh less...
A couple of my mates in the big band I play with have recently bought Stomvi Masters.......I play a Bach Strad and am well satisfied with it apart from the usual lacquer problems..if I was in your position I'd certainly opt for Stomvi. I like the the look/sound of the Mambo model. By the way how is Kranji doing? Is it still a radio station? Regards :lol:


I play on a strad, got it second hand for £500. Previously had a student yamaha, which was great, as long as u look after them well, otherwise the slides and valves get really stuck realy quickly and its hard to get them free again. that trumpet was £300 new, i sold it for £100 after 7 years, apparently they're now comign out new for about £200ish.


I got a s/h Yamaha 6335 for £650, it's the large bore and blows like a Sovereign 928. I found the student models a bit tight on the bore if you are used to a bigger cornet. The valves are good and the laquer is decent. It is a bit heavy though. I find it great for classical stuff using the Yam m/piece and swap to a smaller Vincent Bach for swing. The guy I bought it off had just got a Stomvi Elite, he said it blew as well as the Yam, but was much lighter, which suited him playing stood up in a dance band.
:D Hi Folks, thanks for the input, I don't really want a new trumpet just now as I'm only messing about til I get my lip back into shape, I'm not sure what the second hand market is like here, although I did see a King 'C' trumpet for S$200 which is about 80quid it was in good nick but not what I wanted. There is a large Swing/Jazz community here so I 'll see how I go and maybe pop down one Sunday evening, have also heard there is a chap with a load of second hand brass in one of the shopping centres so I'm going to see him this week to see if I can pick something up. Most of it seems to be American made so doubly don't know what I'm doing!!!!! :D

What about mouthpieces? :D All information would be great!!!

Hornblower RN-Not heard of Kranji Radio Station but all 'Kranji' area is on the other side of the island, except for the Kranji War Memorial, we live on the east coast so don't venture over there too often! :)

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