What Time Do You Start Work?


I've just started a new job delivering milk to supermarkets and shops.It's a 2am start :shock: Just wondered what time other tMPers start.I finish at 1130 though 8)


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Official hours are 7am to 7pm; in practice I normally get in about 6.30 and can usually get away about 6.15 in the evening.


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I start at 11pm work through til 7am (8am weekends) we only do 4 on 4 off tho so the days off are cool!


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Officially 9-5.

In practice 7-whenever I decide I've had enough :lol: :wink: :wink:
Bosses are quite flexible as they can see I put more than the required hours in. (For no extra money I hasten to add :evil: :evil: :evil: )


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start till finish...

In principle, 9:30 - 6 or so.
In practice, usually start about 10 (not a morning person) and go till 8ish (or 9, 10, 11, 12, 1....depending on what's happening)

Naomi McFadyen

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Work?!?! :shock: What's that?

Well, I've started teaching recently- Wednesday at 5.30-6.30 (with tmp's drummergurl)... and finalising details with a youth band, which'll see late afternoon/early evening teaching on Mondays...

Hopefully more to come... but not bad getting told about the above in the same week...


Uni sees 10am starts at the earliest...


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I work either 6.30 - 18.30 or 18.30 to 6.30 depending on which shift I'm on.

The word 'Work' however is used very lightly as I do very little. If I'm on days I spend most of my time on the net or reading books, If I'm on nights/weekends I spend most of my time practicing or watching telly!!


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I can start anytime between 7.30am (does that time exist?) and 10am as I'm on flexi time. I tend to go in for 10ish as I'm not a morning person either and stay later on. Flexi is great :D .


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Hours should be 8:30 to 5:00 with 45 minutes lunch. I normally get in about 8:00 though and leave at around 6:00ish. Extra hours are unpaid :evil: :evil: , except if I work a Saturday morning :evil: when I get flat rate. Very generous. :roll:

Apparently my "salary level reflectes the need for extra, unpaid hours".

Okiedokie of Oz

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I don't really work per se.....

On Monday I go down to the bandhall at 3PM to prepare for Jr band (6-7:20) and Sr Band (7:30-9:30). Drinking usually follows then drive home

Tuesdays is a flute lesson and a drum lesson 4:30-5:30

Wednesday I have a trumpet student, sometimes followed by my rep player coming around for a jam session and playing my PS2 before stage band 7-8:30

thursday I usually work from 11:55 -3 at the school, then head down to the band hall from Brass Academy lessons 4-6:30

Friday I have Kate the Sax come for her lesson 4:30-5

I work sooooooooo hard!!!! 8)


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In theory It's 8:45 to 2:55 or 3:40 depending on the day. In practice its 8:00 to 5:00, then take some work home. (Is their a martyred emoticon?)

Still, at least there's the 13 weeks holiday a year.


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7.35 till 4.35 officially... usually stop on till about 5... although last 2 days been working till 6.30... BRING ON UNI!!


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Pythagoras said:
In theory It's 8:45 to 2:55 or 3:40 depending on the day. In practice its 8:00 to 5:00, then take some work home. (Is their a martyred emoticon?)

Still, at least there's the 13 weeks holiday a year.

You need to get a part-time teaching job!!!! Where I am at the moment I don't work mondays at all, tuesday 9-3.30, Wed 11-1, Thurs 10-2.30, Fri 10-3 :D Monday is mainly my prep time as well . I normally get in at least half an hour before my official start time but tend to leave on time 8) The difference to the amount of my personal time I have to put in compared to working full time is massive!!! I do normally end up working part/most of monday doing marking etc at home and occassionally part of wed afternoon as well but I don't need to spend weekends marking etc 8) :D :D


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i start school at 9, so i'm usually there for bout 8:45
finish at 3:35.

when i start my job at the end of june i'll let u know wot the hours are :p


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6am start but.... 2pm finish most days although i work till 10pm on fridays and from 6 til 2pmish on saturdays.... :evil:

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