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What pets do you have?

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What pets do people have and why do they have certain names. I have a dog called Cassie (already named when I got her), a cat called Mindy (named by the husband) and a cat called Solo. Named as I found him in the car park at a solo contest.


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Here's one of my King Charles Cavaliers.... her name is Jessie...


and after a night out with her friends...



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I;ve got a hamster called Vinnie (after Vinnie Jones) and a dog called Jackson who was found abandoned in Morrocco and ended up here via Gibraltar


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I have a Cat called Scruffy, and a rabit called Alfie.
oh yer and Abigail(she can be a bit of an animal at times!! :lol: )


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I have two cats:

Kitten Tikka, and her sister Kitten Bhuna.

Also had Kitten Jalfrezzi for a while (a ginger tom) but he was too hot to handle.

Bhuna eats popadoms but Tikka prefers cheese.

Disappointingly, neither will go near marmite.


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we have a cat called Vic (his brother, who is dead was called bob), two dogs Murphy and Purdy and some sheep. One of which is called Chop, then there's choplet, Ron and Harry, Brian and boy/bach/billy (name is undecided) and about 6 or 7 others.

just in case you wanted to know!
We've got 2 cats - Lester & Dudley both of whom do a runner as soon as I pick a trombone up of its stand - I don't even have to play a note - they know what's comming.


I have 2 cats, both are pure white and are called Hermrone and Trelawyn.
They are rescue cats from the RSPCA and came with the names.
One cat runs when I get the Tuba out and the other runs once the first note is played!
Music critics or just sensible?

Mrs Fruity

Mike Saville said:
We've got 2 cats - Lester & Dudley both of whom do a runner as soon as I pick a trombone up of its stand - I don't even have to play a note - they know what's comming.

When I was a very small fruity person I played the trombone- for about three weeks, as every time I played it, our wire haired terrier attacked my dad (never anyone else, strangely...)and also strangely, neither the ensuing cornet nor tenor horn had the same effect???...


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Well I think we qualify as the local petting zoo :

1 Dog (Sam)
1 Cat (Ginger, aka "Pops")
2 Rabbits (Hazel & Bandit)
13 Rats (Sorbet, Tikka, Fudge, Bailey, Cream, Craker, Snowdrop, Boo, Mouse, Pepper, Dobby & Winky, Twink)
An Assorment of Fish (About 12 or so)
and a Hedgehog called (orignally) Spike

[edited cause I can't count!]


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I want a cat and am working on it! infact we have chosen a name already 'Wenzel' :D I do have a killer fish (a jaguar chichlid) it is massive and in a tank of it's own. It has to be fed prawns and live stuff :shock: although it is still at my mum's house and has been 'adopted' by my niece so not a brilliant chance of getting that back. My bf has just built a 5 grand koi pond in the garden but the fish don't have names :cry: so not really pets :cry:


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I've got a mad terrier (heinz 57 varieties, even the RSPCA don't know what breed he is) but my inlaws have a rather odd collection of tarantulas
Two cats in our house.

Gemma and Daisy are our 2 lovable moggies from the local cats protection.

When Daisy was a kitten she used to go to sleep in my horn case while I did my practise! Now she does a runner as soon as the first note is played.

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I had two mental Boxer dogs, Bruce and Gemma, both sadly dead now. Got them from a Boxer Rescue home and they were the most nervous and worst behaved animals you could possibly imagine as they'd been mistreated as puppies and left to get on with it!
I couldn't leave them in the house as they'd eat the furniture, not just destroy it, actually eat the wood and material and carpet, so many visits to the vets. I ended up having to buy a car specially for them (they ate the back seat and roof lining of my first car) and took them everywhere or had to pay for people to 'dogsit' them.
Anyone who knows boxers won't find this much of a surprise. I adored the both of them and paid hundred and hundreds of pounds for dog psychology/training/electric shock (only joking) but none of it worked. They were just both tapped!

Being single and playing in Fodens prohibit further pets unfortunately (I'd only want a dog) but if circumstances change..



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We've currently got five cats, two of which we inherited when our daughter returned home for a while after a period in her own flat. Although she's moved out again, where she is now is not really suitable to take them with her, so she's got a hamster instead and the cats are stuck with us.

At various times we've had hamsters, a guinea pig, goldfish and a rat (domesticated of course), and when I was a lad I kept stick insects for a while.

Our youngest cat, Goran, was named after Goran Ivanisevich when he won at Wimbledon.


Where's the rabbit option!? I have 1 rabbit called Sweep, we had a Sooty too but she died. :( I've also had budgies, Lucy, Ben and Jenny

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